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I made a discord server I tried to design it like the forums, it's still a work in progress currently there's custom emotes, roles, channels and voice area's that can be used. Yes I know there's a TeamSpeak however some people prefer discord. Also there's more security on Discord, you have to had at least verified your email and been a member for 10 minutes to join.

The #welcome room is where you're announced, there's a section where you're automatically granted the role of New Player whenever you join the discord. In order to be granted access to the main area you must post what you main race is that you play. You're not going to see anything else, until you do this sorry that just the way things are.

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TeamSpeak is known for having extremely high sound quality, which makes it a good pick if you have a large group. Discord can be a better option if you want to facetime your community or talk to them over text. It also offers customization options, protection from DDOS attacks and all image/link previews people post are proxied through their system.

It's purely optional which one you use, not going to twist your arm or force your had to click the link.

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