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Universe exploration order

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Hey all,


Old player from live here.  Checked out the emulator years ago, just decided to randomly check it out again.


Anyway, I recall an old guide posted back in the day that gave the optimal route/order to explore the universe in order to maximize XP gained.  Basically, explore the lower level sectors/nav points first, and save the higher level ones for later.  Does anyone still have that guide or something similar?  Maybe even just a list of sectors with their corresponding "levels"?  

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Thanks, not sure how I missed the raw data at the end of that Wiki page, but sorting by column 17 gives exactly the answer I was looking for.  Sadly I've done some of the higher level sectors too early, but it probably won't matter too much in the grand scheme of leveling.

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There is a critical error in that info, with regards to tour routes.  The most xp, per nav, is from gates. Focus on hitting every gate and the navs between are just bonus. I prefer to use Jen with Gallina's, for the recharge, and L2 proto engines with an RR+. All of that other stuff will not increase speed....just more gear to have to keep track of for no real time benefit. The brown dwarf reactor is not the best recharge even for Terrans at that level (supergiant).


Its a nice 'route' but its neither efficient nor the most xp for 1 to 1.5 hours of time. Either do starting areas to Antares or starting areas to Fenris Prime.  If you need more xp add Cooper. The rest doesn't have enough gates to give enough xp per minute IMO.

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I was mostly just curious about the proper order for self-exploration, not so much tours, but your insight is valid.  I've just about finished up anyway, with only Ardus, Primus Planet, and the faction-locked sectors (RD, Chavez, Bogeril) left to explore.  I'm at EL 28 now, so I'll still need to resort to tours/jobs/missions/whatever for the remaining 20 levels.

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