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Poprocks are now unminable?

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Previous to the last Tuesday (08/24/2021) maintenance when mining pop-rocks, with max level Prospect and 200% Golden Tooth (L9 + 4.62 from the device), I used to be able to mine ore about 40%-50% of the time (roughly). I had better chances on pop-rocks, mining the first ore, if it had two ores in them. It was definitely worth the potential debuff and loss of shields.


Since the last server maintenance restart I have been successful 4 times out of the 50 poprocks and the ONLY success has been mining L6 and L7 asteroids. Not sure what change was made but atm there appears to be zero reason to ever mine high level pop-rocks, unless farming for a pop mob drop, because the chance of success has been zero.


Has anyone else experienced this? Has the /random just been screwing me for a week now?





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Last Tuesdays restart was just a weekly server restart, no changes were made to any ingame items. so its likely you are getting the lucky draw on poprocks. personally i try to avoid them.


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