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Received an update today can no longer log in....

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When I opened Net-7 today it said there was an update for client.exe I said yes and now if I try to log in it just gives me the EA servers are unavailable error. As I am making this thread I have noticed no one else has had this issue. Please help!

Thanks in advance!


*Update: I tried the security bypass for the certificate and now I can log in. Please let me know what I can do to run it normally again without turning security options off for my PC.*

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The update inly updated the file for guild icons it doesn't effect connectivity. the only things that give the error you stated are the server being down, or the client line on the net-7 launcher  is not pointed at the correct file . or your trying to access the wrong server on the server line.


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Well it worked fine yesterday.  Today it just boots back to the login screen, after Stage 2 complete, and closes the net7 launcher.


Update: Unchecking Packet Optimization and Prototype Reorder allowed me to login.


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