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Retirement Plan finally...

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Well, I retired November 2019 from an agency of the DoD and finally looks like I may pull off my plans. I'll be 70 in early November of this year and thankfully have been blessed with good health despite my best efforts to have a good time so I have decided to thin down my possessions, empty my home of anything other than bare essentials (PS4, laptop, desktop/monitors, clothing, Doggos and my Total Gym). I have been looking at the Airstream Basecamp 20X ($56,000.00 base price) and the Jayco Micro Featherlite 19foot ($27,000.00 base price). As a tow vehicle, I have decided on a gently used Dodge Ram Ecodiesel 1/2 ton club cab (tow limit 7,500 lbs). After much deliberation it seems the Jayco (gently used) is the way to go. My parents had a huge 5th wheel Jayco that looked like something from a Malibu Beach house inside and it turned out to be a very well built RV. The model I have chosen has a queen bed in front, a dinette sleeper and bunk beds in the rear so I can drag 2-3 of my grandkids with me at a time when they're out of school. Finally a chance to see parts of this grand nation that I have always wanted to see and experience.


Hopefully, over the coming 6-12 months, I can get the homestead sold and finally go full-time. The solar additions along with a couple extra Battleborn batteries will allow me to visit some of the BLM land that is no fee for 14 days and as a federal retiree, I can take advantage of volunteering at some of the national parks which will allow me 30 days no fee entry. Beyond that, my youngest daughter lives on 20+ acres and is building a house and promised me a connection to their septic tank and a concrete pad to use as a home base, It will be nice to not have neighbors who collect broken riding mowers to fix up as a hobby. And home ownership has lost it's luster for me. Setting up all of this is half the fun I think. Learned so much on YouTube and connecting with those already out on the road. Really looking forward to this after all these yearsof working multiple jobs.6515-199MBS.thumb.png.93d3bd41af02bd6e89e381f46643faa5.png

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Absolutely! I'm optimistic that I can pull this off and would love to shake hands (elbow bump, whatever) with everyone. Really want to take advantage of the BLM properties and do some serious boondocking. ?

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Update. No travel. Family needs came first. Maybe next year...knew there was a reason I managed to live this long. 🤣 Never thought I'd make it past age 35 and if I had had any idea, I would have taken better care of my knees and hips playing football.

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