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Problems with the game stalling / huge LAG

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I just started back and in starting zones "haven't left those areas yet" It can take any where from a few seconds to a minute to attack ,warp or quest to update. I get stuck on loading screen docking at stations a lot and then I have to restart the game. When talking with NPC doing quest it can just hang there. I never had these problems the last time I played, not sure if something change or Am I missing something on my end. I've checked my ping/speed and I don't see anything wrong.

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1) LaunchNet7 checkboxes

2) Admin/Compat mode set for the three exe's

3) VPN

4) Windows defender access for those exe's

5) Router/Modem blocking game/dcing game

6) ISP issues.


These are all covered in other posts.


Good luck 😎.

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