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Web based Auction house?

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How about a web based auction house for in game items?


You list from your vault for a fee (takes money from the economy, which is good)

You use a toon to bid on an item using in game credits

If you win your bid, then the item goes to a special account auction vault where you can transfer it to a toon.


This will be fab for people who play at low population times and for people who dont like hassling for items to be made all the time.

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this is a nice idea but not going to work. atm the people with the most money have already all the items. these people ( me included) will just outbid all the nice items.

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Instead of an AH what about a mission board?

Posted by Json the JE: "Desperate JE needs help killing the damn Modi's Child.  It keeps sneaking up on me while I am farming Sult sausage (you know, the good organ meat the Progens love so much). Send a PM if interested. Thorvalds need not reply."


Would love a section like this to organize a public raid or two.  I have several synthesized crystals that I would love to give away but without assistance from others they would likely just sit in players vaults.

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