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Unable to logon to https://www.net-7.org

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Every time I try to login on to the https://www.net-7.org  Site, I am always getting "Not logged in" and I'm using the right credentials. I tested them out on the Wiki and these forums which the password should be the same for all three parts of this.


This has caused me to not be able to login to any of my game accounts so that I could play the game.


Tried getting screenshots from the game itself, but for some reason, the screenshot hot-key keeps on causing a CTD

Net 7 problem.JPG

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Update, I thought it was possibly corrupt cookies causing my problem, so, I went and deleted them and I'm still getting the same issue.

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What browser and/or privacy firewall/extensions/settings you using regarding cookies and javascript?

There might be conflict where javascript request does not have access/set cookies properly.


Could you try plain old microsoft edge? or better yet different computer or mobile (ignore popup on mobile)

Checking browser console (F12) might also give idea why its failing.

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I'm using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox And I'm just using the stock settings with the exception of Tree-view tabs and adblock plus. So, after a little bit more poking and prodding around. I found that the tab that was opened was janked up bad. So, I decided to close the tab itself, and I was able to get in. I'm going to check on my in game account some time later but will keep you posted. Thanks for hearing me out Master Karu.

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