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Router/modem issues.

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Well it I've been off line since early Friday morning as my seven year old modem/router  finally gave up and quit. I'm am going to off line until at least Sunday afternoon currently no internet, no wifi, no cable. And not land line. They all go through the modem/router.  I have a tenna TV but not much on.  

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Strange thing happened i looked up and all the lights are now blinking  and all of my computers are now connected and up running,  Strange,  maybe the modem is doing a last gasp before quitting permanently  who know,  as you use to say in the navy  its  FM  (f'n Magic)

looks like ill be on later,  but ill have to post a new system picture/movie, 8 comps online,  one for gm  6 to play and one YouTube/entertainment

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i've been doing some cleanup at the shoppe while it's a bit quiet,  dismantling old DSL modems (basicly separating em into hard plastic shells and PCB's, so they can be brought to the recycling area. worth a little $ even)


the sheer number of issues these things are showing is amazing (while the exterior looks perfectly fine)


- bursted capacitors 

- overheated chips 

- cracked silicon

- molten cabling (exposed copper) 


good mix of brands aswell, Siemens / Alcatel / ZTE etc.


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AT&T came out and replaced the home gateway and all is well in the world,  (My TV, Cable, Home Phone, and Internet all run through the same gateway)  the old one was installed 7 years ago,.  it was failing and popping multiple items plugged into the same IP  even though it showed on the list as good. Since the replacement,  all is really good,  speed is up and connections are more stable.

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