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Terran Scout Character Creation minor bug

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I tried to use the bug tracker tab but the tab seems empty, so I'll post here.


There is a minor bug with the Character creation of the Terran Scout when created in the game client itself. The "Profession" Primary and Secondary paint jobs seem to be inverted, as when you get in-game after creation, the colours of the "profession" section of the hull have been reversed to what the player chose during character creation.



I did create another scout, and inverted the colours during creation vs what I wanted for the profession to counter the above, but ran into another issue - I coloured one part of the profession with the yellow metallic cube style of paint, and that part in game has turned out to be a shade of flat blue similar to the "New Player" chat instead, so it seems the issue may not be as straightforward as I suggested.


Reversing the other colour, however, did work and had its intended consequence at least!

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To be clear, the one in the forum broke, We have a Jira site but it's only accessible to the development team (if familiar with what that is).

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Oh thanks for getting back to me, so presumably any future bugs just post in this forum as I have for this one then?

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Yeah just get my attention with one of the mentions. Similar to FB, Twitter et. al.  @<name>. Life is busy and i can't always read every post. :)

This mainly caught my attention because I was originally the lead for the Terran world before I ended up as the project admin and I did a lot with the Terrans over time.

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