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SOOA turn in for Stage III encryption issue

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I am at the end of Stage III weapons with a PW. I have to give the parts to Archtecti Telem for my final lv 9 flechette print. To do this I need a Stage III encryption. I have 10 SOOA's in my hold to exchange for encryptions, but Architecti Composita doesn't even acknowledge that I have any for turn in. My Collegia faction is 21,000 while my RD faction is around 3,100, so that should not be an issue. Any ideas?


Edit: Yes, I moved everything around in my hold.

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1. It's a tradable  The Encryption Not the SSOA's so give the part to a traders who can make and trade them

2. Progen Warrior don't do component so Architecti Composita don't know you, nor want to talk to you.


Upgraded the wiki in your honor.




The option to trade [[Security Optimal Override Alpha |SSOAs]] with [[Architecti Composita]] is only available to Stage III participants. Who are traders with build COMPONENT skills, Progen Privateer , Terran Traders, Jenquai Seeker 





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