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running 3+ game clients

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hi all 
last time i played this game , i ran 2 laptops and a desktop so i could run 3 game clients  ( my team)
i tried to run all 3 game clients from one computer last night , it worked fine , but i could not move the game windows , or tab to the other windows , so there where all on top of each other.
Is there a way to fix this little problem ?



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If you hold shift and right click on the client in the taskbar, you should get a menu, one of the options is move.

... also technical support section?

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Note: A few times I have had Windows 10 lock the option, I mentioned above, preventing moving the game window via that method.  If that happens I found the following works to move the window:


"I've always used Alt-Space in this type of scenario. That will bring up a menu where you can select "Move", then use the arrow keys to move the window around. Press Enter to lock it into position."

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Another way in windows 10 or 11, is to hover over the running clients on task bar, then right click inside the mini window that comes up. It will bring up the option to move the window(s).

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