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Cost of Repair / Tow

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My lvl 15 Progen Warrior was trying to get its frist hull upgrade at Primus Shipyards.

As Primus was unexplored I was going a Nav Point at a time, until I run into a gang of 50 lvl Vryx.

They single shoted and killed me 10 times over before I could warp again.

Cost 117755 credits repair and to from Primus to Arx Tiberius, Tarsis system next door.

I had at the time around 128000 credits... so I was let with about 10300.

What will happen next time I die like this ? I probably wont be able to  for pay it.

I do think this is far too expensive.

I also have a 41 Progen Privateer that died a lot and never have I paid anything like this.

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Welcome to life as a progen :D,

battle is our way and it's a hard road ahead for you if you are new to the game and have no money saved yet.

Might I suggest asking in new player chat for a friendly JE to fly you to your Hull upgrade cloaked or pehaps friends to clear the path for you.

I know it's a pain but as with all things progen you sometimes have to think outside the box to get your objective done other than the obvious.

Good luck and hope to fight by your side in glorious battle with you soon.


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The longer the tow the more it costs. Every proven should register at Arx Spartoi in Endriago before entering primus space as a precaution it will cost less for towing and repairs.

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