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Thinking about you all.

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I was thinking about you pilots and DEVs, thought I would stop in and say hi. Hi 

I have been moved to day shift at RR Donnelley, still on the 12 hours shifts 5 days a week

and every other Saturday for 8 hours.


It really does suck that a job is your life now, the benefits and pay are to good to walk away from.

Living in the mid-west the weather is bringing out the birds and the sun is coming up earlier.

But the day light savings time negates that, I will only get better.


Soon I'll try to get out and do some fishing and camping, I hope....


I hope this day finds you in good spirits and good health.

Take care my friends and wash your hands, you don't know where those fingers have been on

that community key board. :blink:

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Greetings, Phorlaug! Hope you and yours are healthy and well during these crazy times.

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Hi Phorlaug , nice of you to drop by , i hope your keeping well also. Can't wait for the day this madness is over :)


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