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Broken database on Nt-7 for builder listing

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I recenntly ( February 2 of 2020 ) made  4 / Four


Bogeril Concrete https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Bogeril+Concrete


On my Jenquai Explorer 


That I have now transfered to my Terran trader


The Database reflect ownership of item properly 


But not the Builder Statistics and Builder accomplishment


it stil say none made it on the entire server 



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Included picture of My looged Main account on Net-7.org that show Terran trader owning 


created item at Mining console refinery by My Jenquai Explorer ( the builder ) that transfered to terarn trader



mouli bogeril concrete first.JPG

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43 minutes ago, kjeron said:

That's normal for refined items.


Yes on the Emu it appear refining statistic is broken and builder of them is not being recorded.


even do it load' up : BUILDER FOR statistic / database page


with Cement not dropping on it's own and being a reciped refinment itself

and Aggregate also not dropping and also being a eciped refinment itself too 


it seem i was not the only one  being tricked  by the broken database on refining statistic and not recording of builder who

can refine what


my normal was so far : you mean cement bag ? like in brimstone ammo or unstable cement does no appear

to be in the game by other players , but ok ... 

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