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Project Novaflash


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Would it be possible to research the Novaflash line of energy beams by Nishido? Possible quest line for the Jenquai Seekers?
Currently only lvl 2 & 3 of the beam exist available through a quest I've long since forgotten, but I would love to see them go all the way to level 9...
--snipet from the Novaflash description--
"A stolen, ultra-secret, experimental design now produced and used by the Shaitan drones in Europa."
""Nishido! Designed to perfection by the greatest of the Shoda-kan Masters.""


rumors that ShadowWalker still roams the fringes of known space & secretly aids those he deems worthy

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NovaFlash 2 Mission ::




NovaFlash 3 Mission






When I was Advocate, I asked for a Novaflash continuation and 

an Agrippa Style mission line for Jenquai due to the research Weapon Manufacturer Nishido existence


Hope you have better luck on this then I did and welcome back 



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