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Vault for level 1 to 5 Valentine shield Login/Password from Builder Inc

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HI , 


Made a Vault for ALL the players on the server for Valentine shield

Those shields are ONLY availaible during Valentine day Event during February

so many of you may not have heard of them or seen them.


Below is the buffs of most of them with varying percentage by level ( Below is at level 5 )


Equipment Engineering (Equip)
Reduces equipment install time by 45% when equipped.
Increase Speed (Equip)
Increases ship top speed by 100 when equipped.
Deflect Energy (Equip)
+27 Energy Deflect when equipped.
Warp Charge (Equip)
Decreases warp engage/cooldown times by 32% when equipped.


* 1) Please don't be a scrooge take one as you use and once leveled above it try and remember to put it back

*2) Please DONT use the password to steal the account and get control of it


LOGIN = Valentinegift  ( upper case V )

Password = valentinegift33 ( all lower case )





Level 1 =




Level 2 =




Level 3 =




Level 4 =




Level 5 =





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