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Downloaed Net -7

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I have had a issue for a few days on one of my systems
 trying to figure it out I uninstalled everything  reinstalled everything from my downloads a few months ago  nothing  . Deleted all downloads fresh downloaded files  same thing .
Incompatible version of Netproxy  
all i am getting is the a older net7 launcher then
it doesnt even show the net 7 launcher  it just shows in it the task bar and nothing else...

PRETTY confused
Its been running great on all 5 systems...
until yesterday...thought I could just reinstall
I know its a old dog and sometimes we have to put that old dog our good friend down.
 I came back to enjoy gaming again..Very confused...



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I'm just finishing downgrading to Win 10 lite, and reloading EnB and Net7 loader after downloading from net-7.org.

So far, loaded the game, did not put on desktop icon (it is the wrong one) waiting for net 7 loader to finish after updating.


Will let you know what happens after it finishes.


First thing I noticed is the loader has been updated to v2.2.0 and now updating client, current version (cannot be determined) to version to 271, and downloading files.


All loaded and now playing.


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I got it to work, and what I did...
  Really not even sure how...
i couldnt force a update and was clicking on net 7 launch apps and then it forced the update some how..

Its working...but holy hell was it silly...

Yeah i dont need several systems to game on but I have them

4 gaming systems and a Asus Windows tablet  which is is so much faster then most of us used when the game was new lol

I got it , i wish i could remember how...


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