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Losing focus on a kill when grouped

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I find it very annoying that you lose your target when it gets killed (this only happens when grouped). Especially when raiding and you are the designated looter... sometimes it can get really laggy, and having to reselect the corpse in order to loot it can be quite hard to do, particularly when you are in formation and the leader is moving around to aim at the next mob. Can we have the game retain focus when the mob dies, in the same way as when we are not grouped?

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That is the original client behaviour and we cannot change it.



If mob dies, object is destroyed.

Corpse is new object and therefore not "tied" to prev. targeted mob.



We could add server code which goes like

if mob dies and is current target of player within range and mobs kill generated a coprse, auto-target this corpse.


Here comes the problem:

Many players dot want that. Imagine i assist on a raid and mob is killed, i retarget diff. mob and suddenly (lag) the corpse is becoming my target. NO GO!

We would also have to check for many other things, like group members not in range (towed?) or leaving sector etc. This would need a thread-safe coding for such mechanism and i am not positive, we want that in a "high load sector" with on going raids.


So nope, not really a chance to change the original behaviour.

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exactly so, Zackman -- in a 'stiff' situation [big raid, etc.] the critical thing is to target remaining mobs immediately and begin inflicting damage.  Sure, sometimes it isn't the optimal mob that gets targeted -- at least as the group leader thinks 'optimal' in her/his mind ... but there's at least a chance that it is the optimal mob, too.  That's superior in a tight situation to targeting a corpse.

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