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Faction Turnin question

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If you killed the v'rix of the Chitin bits you turn in yes ... you get a negative V'rix faction based on the level of the mobs you killed

if you do a toon transfer no. It's the same as doing jobs in this case. Faction you do jobs for don't affect other factions.


The manes have no affiliation , but give faction depending on who you turn them to.



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I understand you lose faction for killing say a Vrix Scout. But strangely the Vrix Oracle is suppose to give you positive faction for turning in the bits

(Maybe the vrix see the bits as a form of re-armament?).  Are you saying the Oracle will give me the credit and XP awards but negative Vrix faction instead of positive unless I launder the chitin through a vault transfer?


Thanks, and I'll update the wiki with this info once I fully understand :)



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The amount of kill does not equal the number turn ins.  Because 1 kill does not equal one chitin bits automatically.


Why it's better to have a hunting toon you don't care that has bad faction and use turn ins on 

toons who you want to do the red dragon or bogeril or other faction mission. 


Killing v'rix to get faction with the oracle is a bad idea

Killing bogeril to get bogeril faction is a bad idea

Killing red Dragon to get in Red Dragon space is a bad idea.


But with numerous toon you might have access to enough turn in for a positive faction newer newbie toon

Also you cand trade them from guildmate or on the Market chanel.



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