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Stephen Hawking Memorial?

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Would probably go in Glory's Orbit in Beta Hydri.  Most memorials go there.

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The reason I suggested BBW is because that would put it close to the singularity deco since that subject is the core of his work.

We have Edwin Hubble in Nifleheim Cloud (not a genuine memorial but still).

Yoko in Valkyrie Twins since his TT was left online there when he passed away.


The memorials in Glory's Orbit are all related to actual space travel which is fitting since the sectors are named after the original mercury astronauts.


NW corner of BBW (X -131, Y 190) would put it well out of the way of regular content and not interfere with anything else.

To me that seems the most fitting location.





Stephen might have proven the existence of a detectable multiverse in the last paper he submitted before his death together with prof. Thomas Hertog from the university of Leuven.

Search for "A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation".

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