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a unexpected delivery

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i have this mission its on 2  i have a book cosise book of space travel but i have no idea where to take it  to shows nothing on the mission log

got mission from claude van gough o n magesi station

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did u look on the item and see if says anything in the description?


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requirement of above level : Unknow yet but not below 30 did it on JE level 146


Claude Van Gogh in Market in Margesi Station , Margesi Sector


An Unexpected delivery :


1/3 : Deliver the Crate to Sondra Benen ( green vendor  tablle) , Sol News update vendor,  in Earth Station Market


2/3 : Someone might be interested in this book, "A Concise History of Space Travel" Take a look at it to see if

you can figure out who might want it


Note : isn't there a Valno in Tau Ceti , answer Tuli Valno , Main room in Inverness Down station on Inverness planet , Tau Ceti system 


gain 15 000 credit if you leave her the book


3/3  Step 3 seem to be delivering the book to Tuli Valno ( has the mission disapeared from my mission logs )


Mission added to the wiki here



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