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Please bring back Threaded Archos and the machine

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I recently worked for many hours to get the ores together to obtain 5 passes for the Mars Mission.  I was planning on buying the Archos Threading Machine because I had seen it as an option when I bought the Bile Threading Machine.  I pointed out to a dev that the part used to feed the machine was not sold at a vendor and that about 10 people on the serve (including my main TT) have the ability to make the part used to feed the machine.  I also told them that the ammo was non-trade.  The part can also be used by many of my warriors to make the ammo at a terminal and I can fire them in my Archos cannons.  I can not however trade them to my PS to use.  That machine was my only hope of getting the ammo on my PS.


The Archos Threading Machine is no longer available from the Mars Project.  A GM informed me that the ammo was now considered obsolete.  While I agree that there were a few things to fix with the machine and the ammo, it was not broken to the point that it needed to be removed from the game.  The people that wanted to use it would just have to catch one of the part builders online to feed the machine.  With the /craft command, it would be very easy to crank out a stack in a few minutes.


I was working towards getting this machine all day on Thursday 11/2 because I don't have the pattern for the ammo on my PS.  Finding enough of the ores to make a stack of refined alloys is not easy and takes a lot of time.  I was hoping to get the archos threading machine and then crank out the ammo in space for my PS to use.  With the threading device, the pattern for the ammo would not matter.  I now have 5 passes on my PS that I had obtained with the purpose of buying the Archos Threading device.


Please bring the ammo back.  It was not easy to work with, but it was still usable and worked.  It is not obsolete.

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I guess this is the place to bring this up the  TS 5% turbo device is somewhat underwhelming. I did get one on my TS (Skidrow) in hopes of maybe some future buff but maybe add something else to it? As it is its easier to get a lvl 8 Bastion shield for the same buff. 


Edit-But I do love the other goodies ty

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