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HELP! - Zieg - 'Var's Indignation' lvl 7 Shield Missions.

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According to the Net-7 Wiki, the mission line starting with Zieg 'Close to Home' and ending with 'The Source?' with the reward of the lvl7 shield 'Var's Indignation' (Mission line continues on after) has no other requirments other than completing the prior quest in the chain.


I have completed 'Close to home', 'Repossession', and ' Arms to Arms', however....

When i returned to Zieg and handed in the 'Arms to Arms' mission and tried ot talk to him again to get the next step....


He would not give me the next mission.

I tried a /fmu but that didnt help.


Is this a bug ? Is there another requirment, if so what is it ?


My main is a PW, OL 79 as of the time of typing this.


I was working on the mission chain to get the shield ahead of time.

My ship is just about capable of handling the lvl 35 RD's required to destroy for the final mission.



HELP! Please


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on which avatar are you working this mission chain on, i am trying to find the info for you but i need your avatar name to see and read the mission your on and to see what needs to be completed, thanks in advance.


Woodstock DGM


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I dinged 100 last night, i've just checked today and I can now get the mission.


It would seem there is an additional requirment of being lvl 100+.


I have updated the Wiki with the additional level requirment.

Ill lkely do the same for the Mission from Soldier Canis for the Dog's Tooth PL, as i also could not continue that mission chain ether and suspect its for the same reason.


Update: Nope Soldier Canis still wont give me the mission, i now suspect its a CL requirment this time. Probly CL 36 (lvl 7 PL requirment), ill find out later today.


Update2: yes Canis requires Cl 36 for the mission to be available.


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