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missing duplicate items

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I have 1/2 a dozen items missing from my character.  This happened Wednesday evening.

The missing items were replaced by duplicates of existing items some of which are unique and I shouldn't be able to have 2 of.


I opened a ticket in game which was handled by GM Plateau.  On Thursday the response was "there is nothing we can do" and besides you can go out and have the items remade with the exception of the Seal of the Dragon.  That I can put you on the last step of the mission.  When it came to the missing bullyeye device I was told that there is no record of me ever having one and I could always go get another.  This is BS as I've had the items for months.  Basically indicating I was lying about having the device. 


After telling Plateau if the problems couldn't be fixed I no longer needed to pay/play.  His official response was thank you for playing the EnB emulator. Lousy service at best.


I don't believe the problem can't be fixed.  I do believe either he didn't have the skills to fix it or he was just lazy.  Take your pick.

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to add to this he is my guildi the toon that was affected ( HAWAT ) when i log this day around 10AM EST when he is work i would see him on my friends list but location was blank i sent him a message to see he was online but obviously he was at work so i never got response. when he got home and he log in he noticed all this things missing and the GM Plateau was looking at for him then next day is when get got this answer from him. i have to say the service provided by the volunter staff is lacking alot like i put a ticket a while back about toon name change it was almost 1 week before I got reply stating no! which is fine but 1 week??. as player and also planning to continue donating money for the game i am extremely disappointing with the GM support in the game. Only one that i have seen to fix issues is Arthur as far glitch missions etc. i really hope someone that was the power and willing to help my guildi fix this issue that happen to him with out him doing anything to contribute to problem.   

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Dear Support Staff,

We could really use your help here.  Your time is valuable along with our time, the community is small and we all need to work together to keep it thriving.  Hawat has always been the type of guy to help anyone out with no questions asked.  


When something like this happens, it sucks for everyone involved.  Especially the guy who lost hours worth of work.  There have been plenty of studies that have shown how the intrinsic value of an object is tied to the effort put in to get it.  When people have watched that object destroyed right before their eyes, it is extremely demoralizing and disheartening.  Some extra empathy is required here.


Hawat has been playing the game for awhile and has accumulated a lot of things through hard work and to tell him that he just needs to spend more time re-accumulating them because of a database error is equally demoralizing.  Without looking at the database, it seems like the table's keys that tie his character inventory table and item table together got mixed up.  Why else would he have two NOS items?


I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt and the items that he is missing should be restored as a gesture of good faith.  It's not like he is asking for a skull shield here.


Let's try to keep this community striving.  Please help the man out.  I would hate to see him leave the game because of this event.



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Good morning Arthurdent, 

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this thread and I definitely understand the necessity of coffee before taking on the day. :)  I am sorry that you didn't get to play the game last night.


In real life, I am Tier 3 support in IT, so I share your unique perspective when it comes to a ticket's priority, the timeliness of the response, and the type of response given by the support.  I don't want to debate Plateau's response and handling of the ticket because it is a volunteer situation and he is dedicating his valuable time to help everyone out.  He isn't paid to provide professional support and there is obviously a disparity between the size of the support staff and the volume of support tickets requiring response.


I am on this thread because I believe that a higher tier of support needs to step into this situation and help.  I am appealing to you because I don't want to see a friend go.  I think most people would feel defeated in this situation and want to take a extended break or not play all together.  I don't think the feeling is unusual to just Hawat and I think his response is from a source of helplessness.  


He needs help from a higher level support at this point and any help in this situation would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your time,




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On 1/29/2017 at 0:35 PM, Plateau said:

The Issue has been resolved.

Thank you Plateau, and i would like to apologize to you and all the volunteer staff on my previous comment after reading Arthur's letter i feel my comments where not appropriate or fair to all you donating your time and effort to keep game running and helping us player.

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