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The Rift Of Time And Space ?

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are you referring to the Mazzaroth and the Mondara Maelstroms (rifts in space), if so  Mazzaroth is in Swooping Eagle and the Mondara is in Tarsis.   www.enbmaps.de is your friend

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Aadequix, A little more info would help, but I seam to remember a mission where "the rift of time and space" if referring to Continuum Wrinkle in Xipe Topec. Please let us know what mission you are doing or if you are. Thank you.



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The Servants of Old (part of mission to convert CVE to nightmare) 6/16 prove yourself worthy: Meditate at the rift of time and space.

IIRC that mission is referring to the Continuum Wrinkle in Xipe Totec.  I've run that one a few times...


Edit: I did them a couple of years ago, about a year after the last wipe, so it may have changed

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