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Net7 DB - missing items

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I have been tidying my Agrippa file and was checking off what I could/couldn't build.


The DB can find most stuff with a simple search like 'flechette" but the following were NOT found.  Very odd?


Auctorius Remoror Quinque

Seco Secare Secui Sectum Quinque (say that with a mouthful of Captain Crunch).

Stage II Electronic Authorization

Multiflorus Multiplico Effervo

Aspectus Limo Quinque


However you CAN navigate to them if you know what components they use.  eg. Vortex Titanium Barrel leads to the Multiflorus.


Maybe its just my stupid Firefox.  Can anyone else replicate this?


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I too have the same issues, Amethyst. I don't know if my issues count here because I also use Firefox.


I noticed these things a few weeks ago and assumed because they were Agrippa they were not listed in the DB. But I did notice that SOME of the Agrippa things were listed.


Fly Safe



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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away......


.....  the Dev's came out with some super duper, double secret content named Agrippa (shhh, not so loud!!). :ph34r:    And in order to keep it under wraps a bit longer than just popping it all up in the DB, and going through the "front door" they slowed things down a bit by only allowing us to find it, or reference it, if we had done the missions, was through the "back door".   ;)  If you *knew* the CE3K Model 4 was used in the SOOA, then you looked that up and could click on what the part could build, thereby seeing what you could see, Agrippa-wise.  Agrippa shields, reactors, weps and devs could not be found by searching their name, or by looking at all <category>  <level> items, they just didn't show up on a casual search.  This was also done for the Shooting Star reactors and their new parts just after the last wipe.  Only to be found through knowing the well-known vendor/drop part that goes into the part that makes the reactor, to see the reactor stats.


Then some where down the line things got a bit more well known, they were showing up in the usual category searches...  :D


.... but some of the more arcane, buried things are still in the shadows and I am not sure why.   :blink:   Perhaps because those things that Amethyst listed are part of the "Parts gathering missions" and might spoil some of the mission "fun" if they were easier to ascertain than the cryptic subterfuge that "He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named" wanted us to undergo. <_<


Anyway...   just not that hard to find out, but still a bit of a pita, eh?  :P 

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