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Question about Fish Bowl/Gate raid

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I been on long enough to get a better understanding of these two raids. Now I am curious as to why are the devices can only be built by Tradesman classes only, and not those classes who can build devices? Now I understand making the Gate raid an activated to keep people from setting off the raid, accidentally. The Fish Bowl, was never restricted to just tradesman on live, any one who could build devices can get the map and then build it, and anyone could just activate it providing they had a face device. Just trying to gain a better understanding.

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The Fishbowl can still be activated by anyone. Just have the device in your cargo, target boony and an eye icon appears above him if you're close enough to activate.

Its just classes with both comps and device build skills that can build the fishmaster which is a prerequisite for gettingg the print for the Face of the Ten-gu.

Tip: you can build the Lure on a toon that has device build and pass it on to a toon like the PP to complete the Fishmaster mission.

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Lure - Level 7 device, The Fihmaster 2000 - Level 5 component

I ended up with a JE for building the lure and the PP for the Fishmaster, I did it in an extremely haphazard manner and definitely not recommended way, thanks to the help of the community :)

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