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I have recently had some discussions with people about what should each race/class bring to a raid and whats expected of them.


This isn't an end all be all guide for everyone but this is what I would expect a person to bring on a toon that is participating, nothing more.


Lets start off with warriors.


1. Ammo and more importantly ammo appropriate for the raid, plasma isn't wanted at the rd base so you might have to make something new. Ask ahead of time if in doubt.


2. Guns appropriate for the raid level. I have had experience seeing pw's bring lvl 8 guns to a gate raid and running out of ammo before the second boss. Please do not let this happen.


3. Debuffers for your ammo type(if available) with a few exceptions.

 A. Progens can swing chemical and ps's can bring explosive Pw/ps can carry a binder if using impact ammo.

 B. Terrans can do gorgons for impact debuffing, hellbores for plasma, scouts can and should have a salamander welded into place.

 C. Jenquai should have a chimaera, js's a manticore and jd's a wyvern, Je's can use a salamander also.


4. What not to bring.

 A. Chang Lung's Pride. I'm not against the device it has it's purpose but any device that debuffs a 66 needs to last longer then 60 seconds or it's a waste of time since the buff wears off so quickly and it wont hit consistently at best.. use it solo but leave it home for raids till it's fixed.

 B. Singularity Cannons The "Funky Chicken Dance" Makes mobs lose contact with the groups and can drive them outside of small sectors and be a general pita on the drivers and directional firing people. Please leave it home.

 C. Manticore 9 (at times check and see how the mob reacts first) This device like a coma has a debuff scan on the mobs and can make them do strange things. Most of the mobs were fixed for this but be carefull.

 D. Coma's same reason as the manticore 9 scan blind makes the mobs occasionally do wierd stuff so test and be carefull.

 E. Telescopium 8's I know some of you like the tele bug that gives you 30k permanent scan boost but it creates lag and can make targeting a problem use a 9 instead PLEASE.


5. Shields reactors and the rest.

 A. Try and have your level 8/9 shield already having to js someone with a lvl 6-7 shield every minute or so is a bad thing.

 B. Max reactors are typically wanted since you will either be healing or fighting for a long period of time and it'll kill the reactors of most classes js's and pw's included. If you have any questions about what would be a good reactor for your class ask and test for yourself what works best.

 C. Do bring turbo/deflect/reactor buffs appropriate for your race, Jenquai a single deadly focus/scutums combo can make you hero's at a raid.

  1. A sample list would be a sting/laser scope 8 for buffing progens and jenquai( I carry them on all 3 of my warrior types), jenquai reactor buffs are always welcome to terrans. If you have them aa devices dea's dsa's te's a rally buff if you like, and so on, ask if you need any advice.


Trader classes.

 A. Shield recharge buffs PP cfb's, all 3 guardians, tt's rr's(the 7-8 have a shield recharge skill), Something along those lines

 B. TT's diplomats and befriend skill buffs if at all possible, gotta be nice to make a friend occasionally even if it has teeth bigger then your ship.

 C. Js's Arguably the best battery class in the game, for personal use, use a guardian 9 just do it and admire the reactor recharge buff and 57,600 shield recharges. Quasar 7, scutums and a blood of the dragon or a deadly focus.

 D. TT's and to some extent terran scouts, hull patch buffs.



 A. Tactical Advantage 9 jump start buffs.

 B. Debuff devices all that you can use.

 C. You guys and gals are living buff banners, Bring enough buffs to fill the window, deflects batteries potions etc. Hell bring a kitchen sink if you want, I know pakkrat has a dinet set onboard.

 C. Scouts hull patch buffs (scouts revenge ml and ta9's)

 D. Je's are the living embodyment of a hydro electric dam, reactor buffs, the 109% turbo te's will buy you dinner and girls guys whatever.. Trust me on this.


Individual items for specfic races.

 A. Jenquai I like ursa engines for the cloaking buff, Faster cloaking = good for survivability there are devices but ursa's are a universal item any jenquai can use.

 B. Progens, waterloo shields shunt to reactor if no jenquai with scutums are availble.

 C. Stiengerds reactor recharge if no jenquai are available.

 D. Any class with lvl 9 devices can use a deadly focus, terran scouts can use fornax b's, keep that in mind.


Individual items for classes.

 A. Miners and salamanders.

 B. Js's guardian 9/quasar 7 and a scutums and blood-deadly focus either way.

 C. PP's CFB for the shield recharge buff or a guardian.


As a general thing.

1. Come to raids sober, stoned gaming isn't good gaming, for anyone.

2. Have enough ammo with you.

3. If you do not have your buffs and need to stop by a station, do so. There is no excuse I can think of to not have your gear.

4. Install teamspeak and ventrillo. Voice is so much easier then typing to give instructions even if all you can do is listen in.

5. Looters you are participating also if you need to js or heal someone for some reason do it if you are in range.

6. Jd's ask which summon to use. We do not always want mass mobs in front of us.

7. Jenquai in general get your fold space up to at least fold enemy, we might ask you to keep a boss away from the groups.

8. Lighten up, it's pixels on a screen (which are square btw) there is no need for drama in a raid if you are high maintinence tone it down hmm .

9. Always listen to the raid leader if they are known, we tend to be the more experienced players and in some cases have done these raids hundreds of times.

10. As a general rule terran enforcers we'll want you to use firing tactics instead of stealth. Major reason why is we want the mobs to see the pw's first and shoot them first not the healers or miners.

11. PW's and TE's bring a high sig engine, you have hull damage control nobody else does, your healers will appreciate it.

12. Healers on the flip of number 11 bring a low sig engine unless you need a specific buff(aka a js with a ursa). Do you really want to be cannon fodder?

13. All classes if they can install one should use a tactical advantage device to reduce js debt, have a higher shield cap and the scan bonus is nice also.

14. Most importantly have fun you wont always win loot and sometimes you come up big.

15. Warrior get your repair skill up to at least level 5 other groups appreciate the help also. My greatest worry about dying isn't debt, it's equipment damage.


If you would like to add to the list for specifics then do so in the comments below


This is what I and my guildies expect of our peers in raids, we all have a job to do and try to do it as well as we can. And hell we wipe sometimes, you lick your wounds and try again. Learn to adjust to the mobs and there deflects, the golden rule is shoot the ammo that does the most damage and debuff for it a lot.


Plasma isn't the end all be all of ammo types get over it, seriously.

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 A. Chang Lung's Pride. I'm not against the device it has it's purpose but any device that debuffs a 66 needs to last longer then 60 seconds or it's a waste of time since the buff wears off so quickly and it wont hit consistently at best.. use it solo but leave it home for raids till it's fixed.


It is broken?

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Mine says 60 seconds for the duration on the flip side my lvl 8 basalisk says 255 seconds I would say it's either broken or a digit is missing.


Zack I wouldn't point it out unless there was a problem, it used to be 250ish seconds then a patch changed it to 60 and made it useless.

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Ah...because it's duration is less then another device it must be broken?


The RD Device is kind of "uber", it has no race restrictions - thats why you pay a price for it (duration).

"Working as intended".

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If you think something is broken, please open a bug report so we can look at it.

It's kind of "uncomfy" if we spread the word in public that something is broken - which is not.


@250s :

This device was already 60s in a backup from 2012 i just looked up?  :blink:

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I have to ask why all of the pride devices are getting wierd timers on them, but yes the chang lungs pride is a useless raid device. I'll still maintain leave it in your vault, 60 seconds in a 15 minute raid with standard blacksun devices being 4-5 minutes makes it useless, and if it's not broken why? Maybe the unmentionable device dev can chime in on this topic?

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