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Mission Reward Items / Recipes / etc.


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Is there a way to find items / recipes that are rewards for completing missions?  I stumbled across the mission chain for the Shooting Star reactor line and realized I would have no way of ever knowing that the recipes came from missions.  There should be some sort of flag or notice in the database that you can search/filter for, to get items that are only acquirable through missions.


I realize that these items say "This item does not drop" in the database, but I think some raid items are the same way, so it's not entirely accurate... and I don't think you can search for that anyway.


(I'm posting this as a suggestion because I haven't found a way to search for it yet.  If it already exists, my apologies, and please enlighten me.)

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Do I need to be a specific class with certain skills for him to talk to me or is there a prior step?

He wont talk to my TT, has max build skills.


Edit: Doh! I expect you need to be able to build reactors!

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Yeah, you need to be a JE, JT, or PT.  Assuming it hasn't changed since I did the missions with my JE, you can do the missions without first raising your build reactor skill.  I did the missions with my JE at L1 Build Reactor, and my JT at maxed Build Reactor, no problem either way.  For the JE I had to raise the skill before being able to build said reactors.  Would also be a good idea to raise your quality so that you can consistently build reactors at 200% with vendor parts, before you build the SSR.  The components for the L7 Shooting Star can be manufactured, (they all drop in Progen space) but the upgrade parts for the L8 and L9 versions are drop-only and cannot be manufactured.  I haven't built any yet, as I need to raise my build quality on both of those characters first.


There is a minimum level requirement, assuming it hasn't changed.  If I recall correctly it's OL100.  Realistically though, you want to be L150, and bring a little help. 


Edit: One other thing, you'll need to be able to get into Paramis to finish the mission for the L9 SSR.

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