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Found 9 results

  1. Just wanted to give N7 a head;s up that we're getting the login server down message when we try to log in. Thanks.
  2. I killed about 15 ten-gu and had 4-6 other on top of me when the client froze.
  3. just docked and was chatting when i typed and it wouldnt appear i tried again it didnt appear i couldnt undock either, so i /quited Woodstock
  4. When starting LaunchNet7-PTR, it did an update, and after clicking the launch-button it showed this pop-up: After that, i have to manually kill net7proxy.exe in the task-manager, or this happens on the next LaunchNet7-PTR.exe start (It doest exit on its own) proxylog.dat:
  5. Took a break and came back to a frozen client. Tried to exit with menu to load the proxy update but had to terminate from task bar.
  6. Client fails to load after the last update. After clicking the launch button a proxy entry shows up in task manager but the client fails to load.
  7. Net7Proxy Successfully connected to server but timed out while waiting for login response.
  8. Client was up about an hour. https://mega.nz/#!X5Qx2QhR!OUYwEbohlW2ZkPYUR_cwMmeKjWo9QNQOo2lpSDAlhr8
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