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  1. Hello I get the same fault when I try to login on my laptop when I have an internet connection USB tethered through my 3G cell phone. Is the something different on a 3G connection to internet than says ADSL ?
  2. [quote name='Floater' timestamp='1301466019' post='37787'] I had the same issue today, and did the same things. Infact I reinstalled Net7 several times, but still get the same "not 2.04" version error, so I'm stumped. [/quote] Yes, I'm having the same problem, install launching several times but it always wants to update to version 317 for the launcher and 69 for the client. Tried deleting net7proxy but it always updates to 2.03. even tried changing file version to get it to update to the lastest version but always reverts but to 317 and 69.
  3. Ok deleted all net7proxies checked all directories in PATH (nothing found). Ran Launchnet7 and screenshot "proxy 4" came up saying it couldn't find net7proxy (looking like I got them all) Downloaded Net7proxy off your link and ran Launchnet7 and screenshot "proxy 5" comes up saying net7proxy 1.76 Hmmmm don't know proxy 5.doc proxy 4.doc proxy 5.doc proxy 4.doc
  4. ok deleted Net7 folder deleted all net7proxies off computer downloaded fresh copy of Net7setup_2_ shut down computer and reinstalled launchnet7 after it finishes is updating same thing comes up in screenshot. skip through and once again it's net7proxy version 1.76
  5. Ok deleted all net7proxies off computer, reset and forced update it comes up with the screen shot below and if I skip through and it comes up with netproxy 1.76 again It has updated launchnet7 from 171 to 180 What would cause it revert back all the time this is stupid. Thanks for your help so far
  6. Ok changing net7proxy is doing my head in. Won't autoupdate , reset or force. Try to download lastest net7proxy from http://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/net7proxy.exe but now it's says it is still version 1.76 can someone help me it is the same with my laptop I run it as admin no diff. Damn wish I could screen shot with smaller file size. Tried deleting client and Launchnet7 completely but no good Can someone link me Net7proxy and I'll see if if downloads is 1.76 or 1.82 the only way I got 1.78 was taking off my work computer (which does everything fine) I'm stumped I can't figure out why this is happening. Oh by the way I don't here "Administrator" as such in user account I'm set as administartor. Sigh please help I just got L50 in combat level and was collecting my L9 pl's
  7. PSST, started LaunchNet7 on work PC and it autopatched as good as gold working fine as I don't known what is going on with my laptop and PC here at home frustating I tell you
  8. Oh lol also wipe Net7 folder and reinstalled
  9. Hmmm strange just downloaded Net7proxy and ran it it comes up with version 1.76 Oh tried downloading on laptop (having the same problem) and it also comes up with 1.76
  10. Hello, can someone please link me with the lastest Net7Proxy please I have 1.76 and need 1.78 and the files in http://patch.net-7.org/ seem to have to same version 1.76 as me so dosen't look like these files are up to date. Oh autoupdate hasn't worked for ages lol. Thanks
  11. Ok no answer --- can someone link me to the lastest net7proxy pleasa 1.78
  12. Sorry about the attachments haven't figured how to shrink the down attach like klaxis.
  13. Hiya, mine is coming up with wrong version for Net7Proxy. My version 1.76 should be 1.78 went to the file http://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/net7proxy.exe but this seems to be the same 1.76 as I have. Autoupdating hasn't worked properly on my laptop or my PC for ages, so normally downloading the files from the prementioned directories normally get me going with a bit of mucking around (WOULD REALLY LOVE AUTOUPDATING FIXED) Tried resetting updates tried forcing updates nothing is working WINXP PRO Please can you help
  14. Started Net7 and it come s up with Incompatible version of Net7Proxy. Latest version 1.73. I'm seem to be running 1.72 but will not update, try resetting updates and forcing updates but nothing so removed Net7 folder downloaded Net7 setup from forums (thinking it would be latest version) and installed it same problem and will not updated. Help please Got it sorted by downloading net7proxy manually but would still like to know why Net7 won't update automatically ?
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