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  1. it is... my te is rocking one
  2. Any feedback from the powers that be regarding this? Thorvald was bang on with the point I was trying to make regarding the rage, couldn't have said it better
  3. Any chance that the dev team can look into increasing the stack size of some ammo? Rage is a lvl 9 launcher, that eats 2 lvl 8 missles per shot.... the ammo only stacks to 200, is there a chance we can increase the stack size? I remember retort ammo having a fairly large stack size, and I'm sure progens have some lvl 8 ammo that they wish stacked a little higher Reason being, You cannot pack enough ammo in your holds to last you for more then a couple hours..... I would gladly accept an increase in cost to produce the ammo, if the stack size was doubled or tripled to 400 or 600 respectively. Thanks guys!
  4. also, the /random x x command is back in.... very helpful for handling loot!
  5. Hullpatch.... like any other skill required energy
  6. whoops.... my mistake Meant to say if Scouts get lvl 9 shields, enforcers should get lvl 9 reactors
  7. if sentinels get lvl 9 shields, I think enforcers should have lvl 9 reactors and/or devices
  8. the TS is an explorer class.... explorer's should NOT have lvl 9 shields, along with lvl 9 devices, weapons, and engines
  9. awesome, thanks buddy!! appreciate it
  10. I noticed that the /random command is implemented now, thanks for adding it! if I can make one more suggestion.... Is it possible to have the results visible for all group members to see? In live it would say something along the lines of "Sleeman has generated a random #, 8" via local or broadcast, and was in a different color or something to avoid fake messages Is it possible to make changes along those lines? Thanks again!
  11. Hate to say it.... but by rights we were never supposed to have access to bbw without having the proper faction. If you wanted to take part in controller raids, or farm the drones... you had to put in the time I think we more or less got spoiled by having the gates open for so long
  12. awesome, thanks for the quick reply!
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