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  1. Actually it's not an exploit as it's part of the current game metrix, I actually cannot stand the word "exploit" since it's entirely over used,especially in this game. I feel and exploit is using something that is not supposed to be in the game design or using a work around that isn't supposed to happen. The building design the Dev's chose to implement is why this particular issue has occurred, so in my opinion not an exploit just a normal part of the game.
  2. The reason for the duct tape mission is doing the Tado-o gate raid, building the fishmaster 2000, which to me is actually backwards, the fishmaster was added when they added the Fishbowl raid in original live which was after V'rix and Ardus I believe but before DT if I recall correctly.
  3. It's very possible there was a faction or level change recently, I have no idea haven't been online in almost 3 weeks.
  4. I didn't have any trouble getting the mission on my TT and it's at whatever faction the TT starts with Bogeril. From what I have read I thought anyone with with device build 5 or higher can get the mission, just need a comp maker that has rollerpress recipe make it for you.
  5. Well there is a solution get rid of he ability to use suits and such to gain cap, that will make you work out how and who you want to be friendly with or "allied to" as far as I know in original live you didn't have things such as suits or the majongg tiles to boost factions or the the gene maps for that matter. The problem right now is there needs to be a revamp of if you kill this faction you gain/lose this faction or multiple faction changes, especially since no faction charts even updated ones from original live, (showing freespacer, net-7, etc. etc) take in account the three new classes being playable, this will have to be factored in along with how new characters start out with faction (which in my opinion needs alot of work). Even in original live it took alot of kill this, kill that to achieve friendly staus with most if not all factions on the lists. If you remember in original live, you could job up most factions in the game (in which this is not properly set-up), I know on my PW in original live, I had both V'rix and RD factions very much in the green, it just took alot of faction balancing to do so and yes I could land at any station, I also was able to get into der-tod without any major faction problems when going after the bosses there. The bottom line its all about how you as an individual wants to play the game and as it sits now without the caps and more factioned mobs there is no way to get that balance as I would like it to be and as it should be. But, to me this is a moot discussion atleast for me as I won't be playing on the play server anyway, I am just sticking to testing if needed.
  6. Actually these have been around for over a year now, I know one hit me on a website last year and yes the only way to get rid of it is sytem restore.
  7. Well the problem is Crichton, no offense but when you make suggestions like this back it up with hard facts especially when it's a minor portion of the game. There are still plenty of ways to confirm quite a few things from old game archives. This way you won't get what you call 12 year olds posting about it in which they are saying your not quite right. You may have the best memory in the world or something I do not know you so I cannot say you don't but, remembering things like this from 10 years ago from one person isn't going to cut it for changing the DEV's minds on it, or atleast I would hope not without screen shots or some proof.   I remember this being so with a couple issues not to long ago, i.e the Warder drops and the Intent of the Resolute engine threads, one was proven right from proof and the other proven wrong by screen shots. Just a suggestion. ;)
  8. As for group initialization it was always based on the slowest player in the group, not the highest and it was not averaged, as for warp speed itself it was averaged between all group members speeds not just the highest and lowest, this was also averaged out before actiavted buffs. This is a minor issue and no big deal as I see it, since in original live speed was capped at 5k for a long time before they changed it later to 6k, I remember most terrans just using the lvl9 Ursa only to travel since it was and still is the only 5k warp engine in game.
  9. Sisl is correct if you start out with all group members with full reactors then freewarp, the lower lvl toons in the group say while on a tour, there reactors will drain to 0 and they will still be warping, in original live that player or players would stop warping when there reactor hit 0. Now if the players reactor is 0 before you try to run you are correct that person in group will not warp away as it should be, but the above situation should happen as well if you are already free warping and someones reactor drains to 0 they should stop. They do not here in the EMU.
  10. Hey now Crichton may have a point, nerf it make it so its a 1 hour spool up timer and only does 1 in shield damage to the mob, the do the same for energy leech on the JD, the boost all mobs hit points 500% above what they are now, because we all know non raid boss mobs in original live had 2mil + shields and hulls.
  11. I love how the exploitation card comes out, well wait until the V'rix are in game will it be an exploit to kill those until damn near every faction you have is +50k and all u have is red V'rix since almost every faction is hated by them. This is why the caps need to be in, there should always be a way to repair factions if you so worried about the so called exploit Matt then how about just dumping the suits as a way to get faction just like back in the day when the V'rix were first launched and you could feed them mordanite for faction.
  12. It's funny with all this faction talk, I had brought a few OLD LIVE suggestions that actually went on either deaf ears or werent taken seriously and were decided as not needed. I also brought up the whole faction caps that were in OLD LIVE, as it sits now how is anyone going to fix there Chavez faction if its like -25k or more, these should be capped. I actually read a old post on ebportal archives that stated how this was originally set-up and here it is again.   Faction caps should be as follows:   Home class faction +15,000 max, -10,000 max All other playable races +12,000 max, -10,000 All other races +10,000 max and -10,000     This way you can more easily fix factions that you mangle due to trying to either get a certain faction high enough or do missions for that specific race or races. Just my opinion and yes I know this is your LIVE and not EA's live, but there were reasons for doing this.
  13. Actually Stanig the players were told the changes didnt take hold, so they actually didnt go into effect until last week.   To Rose, sorry to here Strettch isnt playing anymore, but I do agree with one point the bickering and drama is why I quit playing, I am am now just around if something needs testing.
  14. Hmm I personally don't see the problem with feather drops, I get one every 1000 faction hit or so, of course I haven't played in a week now (don't plan on logging on the game server anytime in the near future either) so maybe drop chances have changed.
  15. I may be off base on this but I dont think any troubles that may be going on if any are hardware or bandwidth problems, most of it is due to code problems I believe.
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