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  1. 1. Communication 2. Project Timeline (anticipated wipes, content adding, etc..) One of the most frustrating things I've ran into, in any MMO i've played is the things that the designers do without worrying about how it effects the people that actually play the game. So giving us a heads up before you make a huge change, or do a character wipe so we know it's coming would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have Shad on ICQ, i've been sending him messages and he hasn't replied yet...I'm trying to recruit him back!
  3. I think it's a great idea. I've spent hours on this type of web sites looking up items, game quests, hints...etc...excellent idea.
  4. Has the paypal link been posted anywhere yet? I feel bad every time I log into the game knowing there are people taking personal time, along with the posibility of family time away to create EnB for us and not making any money. I know it's the love of the game that keeps us all here, but if there was something we could do as a gaming community, I'm sure we will. Also, is there anything we can do a fund rasier on to help the cause? New hardware, etc?
  5. I played all of the Mech games, love them. I played another mech type game called Earthsiege, and Earthsiege II that was a blast. The main difference being your mech had shields vs traditional mechs not. Was alot of fun.
  6. stop trolling the forums noob!

  7. Trapt

    Server down to you?

  8. As an avid gamer, I'd like to know if bringing back EnB was a hobby and do you plan on making it a full time gig? or is it something that sounded challenging and once it's complete, thats it? Most of the reason I ask, is I currently play for a few online games which id love canceling and start playing EnB full time. My only reservation is if EnB is gonna go away again (I know this can't be totally predicted), I don't want to invest alot of time playing it. However, if there is a future for EnB, I like to pay for it, or at least make a donation to the guys working on it. Alot of people might get mad at me for even suggesting paying for a game we currently play for free, but we all know that money makes the world go around. These questions might have been asked/answered already, if that is the case I apologize and thank you for your time!
  9. Wow, what sup Static....Flox, Mucher around? I was leader/officer of static when the game was live I played my Terran Enforcer most of the time though, his name was Trapt. Hope to see some of the old static members in game soon!
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