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  1. We've gotten some new members lately, some from the live days and some new ones. Were always looking for new memebers to fill the ranks! PST in game!
  2. Don't hate, as soon as apple exports to third world countries, then Canadian's will be able to own an Iphone.
  3. I clicked local cert and I connected to the global client. But now my username and password don't work.
  4. WTB bigger button!! Thanks Slayer, never paid attention to it, now I know about it haha...
  5. Have a good trip, be safe. FYI your signature is messed up. You have a HUGE blank space at the bottom and have to scroll way down when you post. Nothing but blank space.
  6. Anyone know why or if it is just a characteristic of the www.enbdatabase.com that when you click the back arrow that you get an error and you have to load your search all over again? Is it a browser setting that I have or is it just the web site? Sometimes I have to go back and forth a few times, checking locations of components or locations of drops and using the back arrow is very handy.
  7. I think denying access to specific faction/class sectors is perfect....for LIVE. Right now we are in the "testing stage" of the game and server. So why make it hard for us to do our job,,,TEST things.... I agree that it's a step in the right direction...But from what I've heard, were TWO years from launch and that leaves alot of things to be tested and fixed. If there is anything that could take a huge grind to accomplish, it would burn the testers out and leave a skeleton crew of people behind to test stuff. At this point, the game and the community cannot afford to lose players and testers. Not to mention, the content and changes you did promoted grouping, which really don't happen at this point, due to the lack of player base. Most of us do stuff solo, because of the lack of players. I think there should be a list of priorities made, starting with the small, easy stuff and work toward the end game, detailed stuff. That list could look something like this. 1. Crash bugs, Server Connection Bugs 2. Quests, noobie quests, hull upgrade, etc.. 3. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - we need other stuff to do 4. Item Bugs, Effects not working, effects not in game 5. Skills Not working, skill effects, animations sticking 6. Last but not least, CONTENT Fix the stuff that is currently in the game, worry about adding stuff later!
  8. Download from www.mirc.com server - irc.gamesurge.net port - 6667 chan - E&B
  9. Woot - So this is why the server was taken down? I like content!
  10. I can see where that could get abused. So take the experience away for the mass building option. It's for convience anyway.
  11. A mass dismantle box or a mass assemble box would be sweet. When ripping comps for ore, 1 at a time or building stacks of ammo and clicking over and over again. would be nice to click a button and it auto click for you until you ran out of hull space or out of the components. Building ammo is painful, especially when you have different types of weapons.
  12. Will there be a way for someone that has compeleted the mission and or paid for the 100HU mission to go back and complete the mission?
  13. What time did it go down? Announced or random? I went to bed at 10pm PST. Was tried =/.
  14. https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/714-install-enb-from-scratch-instructions/
  15. Yeah - Been offline all day
  16. https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/1354-enb-notifier-program/
  17. If you think I was posting this because I am angry that they have a hellbore and I don't, you're sadly mistaken. The entire reason behind posting this was the fact that I knew the RD base was taken out of the game before anyone could kill it and get a hellbore. It was said in the past that part of the reason the player wipe occurred last time was largely in part because a few GM's abused their powers and handed out a bunch of items. The last thing I want at this point in the game is to have to start over again because a few GM's can't control themselves. 1 item isn't going to make or break the reason I play this game and thats because of the community and the game itself. So, if anyone is angry because I felt it necessary to expose a possible abuse, you can talk to me about it in game or by PM. The whole "it's stress test" "it's free who cares" additude don't fly with me. There are alot of people that are giving their free time to make a playable, enjoyable game for us to play. So anyone on the Net-7 side of things that does not have the games best interest in mind should go away, IMHO. Violating simple rules would indicate they don't have the games best interest in mind.
  18. Last night we saw two guys using hellbores. They claimed to have gotten them from a friend that got them from a GM event. To my knowledge there has not been a GM event in ST4. I'm not trying to be a snitch or get anyone in trouble. I just want to keep an honest game honest and don't want a few people that abuse their power to ruin it for the rest of us. I'm not going to release thier names to the public I will PM their names to AF_Vet if I am in fact correct that there has not been a GM event.
  19. Starting this morning, I can't get net-7 to launch. I can see the program on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but the box with the "play" button and everything on it don't pop up. I tried re-installing it and when I did, it was the original net-7 file and it won't auto update. I tried copying and pasting net-7 from another one of my computers I run EnB on and it still won't launch. Like I said, I see the net-7 application on the menu bar below, but it don't finish launching. This is a problem that started today, maybe it will fix itself...
  20. They have stated before that they are not required to tell us anything at all during the testing phases of the game. They haven't posted anything official to this point, so who knows. I would imagine and expect something pushed soon, so I would not be surprised if there is an update today. I also know that the Dev's that are giving their free time to the game had RL Jobs and commitments so, the server just could have crashed and nobody around to hit the reset button. It sucks I know, and if I were at home I'd be bummed too.
  21. WTB JS in Fishbowl - I was knee deep in fish when it went down!
  22. Anyone from Andromeda have any old pics of when Static completed the Mars Project? Biggest waste of time in the game, but was quite the accomplishment. Took us a while, but it was quite the guild effort. I don't think it was done by any other guild on any other server. I'd like to see some pics of it if they are around.
  23. Trapt

    Weapon Mounts

    I agree - I don't care for the hull design really at all. It looks like im towing a cargo freighter because of my ghetto rear end. Talk about having some junk in the trunk.
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