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  1. I've read a few posts, years old now, about these two skills, and yet, they same piss poor behavior still exists. So while I feel like I may be reinventing the wheel here, I felt it should be readdressed. - In short, some many years ago, our friendly mobs had their Psionic resistances improved to create challenge... - Also, the aggressive response to healing by our traders or TS was also greatly increased to create a new dynamic in the game for warriors to respond to ... Both changes are thoughtful, and add a nice need for some skills, such as Bio-repression(to slow mob attacks from zerging a single player, aka the healer), and Enrage to refocus attacks on the warriors instead of the healers ... In theory .... GREAT concept ... I love it ... I like having more to do at raids other than shoot weapons. In practice ..... not so good. There are no device(s) to improve Bio-repressions effectiveness so it may land 10 to 15% of the time and never on major boss mobs without a TT's debuff(which for a boss mob is not a bad deal). On top of that, when it does land, the skill block seems to be effective but not the weapon rate delay effect(AoE skill). This is directly in response to the AoE BioRep. Furthermore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for TT's or JE's to AoE debuff Psionic in order to make this skill effective(any even if the devices they have did AoE debuff, I would be afraid to think how bad that would generate even more aggression). As it stands, the very last skill in the BioRep line is effective because single targets can be debuffed. So it will work, even if not often, but typically with 2 or so TE's using the skill, it will be effective. This skill when it works, only shows fire rates with it's AoE skill set. It would be fantastic if it actually worked a bit more often than it does. That and the weapons fire rate reduction needs to be checked. This same story effects Enrage. It is, in it's current state, worthless. I trained it ... was using it ... and was chuckled at. I have recently took those points out and put them into build engines as that has some use on my TE. People will always try to give me the "TE's" are not tanks ... well, they are more of a tank than any healing class ... and can, by far help take hits with the PW's. Disagreeing with that is tom foolerly. This skill effects both the TE and PW naturally. Even though PW's have a shield that increases the skill, a shield most do not wish to use ... it is still not effective. When used, the spam of "Mob resisted" is pretty and almost 100% of the time. It is 100% of the time on any mob CL60 or higher. In conclusion ... I love the idea of creating challenge with increased Psionic and increased aggression to make warriors work .... but if the tools in game we are given do not work to combat those changes ... even after all these years since said changes ... all I can ask is why not? This also leads to many players never using the JS or TS in a healing roll as they are less shielded than a TT or PP. Any many will never use a PP simply because they can't duel heal shields and armor. And anyone knows ... any healer who cant heal hull, under current combat situations will die and then so will the team. I'm sorry, but when current game play forces almost nothing but TT's to be used as healers because of warriors inability to create a more controlled environment ... then something should be done. This kind of bottle neck game play takes a lot of flavor out of the game. If I had to pick one to be worked on over the other ... I would go for Enrage. Even as a primarily TE player, I would prefer that skill made effective. I would gladly put points back into it if it actually worked. DrasticMeat
  2. I can help, only need any details as to when this occurs so I can make sure I'm there!
  3.   It was my special characters in my password ... as much as I dont like that level of complexity in my passwords, when I dumbed it down to exclude them, the Wiki page then allowed me to log in.      thank you for that information Karu
  4. Roger that karu ... I will change my password to a less complicated version and see if that helps.
  5. Karu,      It appears my password to enter the forums and Net7.org web page do not match what is required to log into the Wiki page.    Is there anyway to have this password reset via admins I can email?     I do not see an option to reset password.  It could be that I did not place an email address into the account associated with the Wiki.   Drasticmeat
  6. How exactly are we supposed to log into this site?    I have tried the account info I use for the Net-7 site ... no good.    I created an account for the MediaWiki thinking that was the answer, and that was a no go ...      I'm a bit lost now as to how to access this tool for EnB emulator.     Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.     Drasticmeat
  7. On my old account, I have a toon named "Lodrin" ...   It is my hope, after asking in game and being told it's a possibility and to ask here, that I could have Lodrin changed to DrasticmeatTS so as to better facilitate tracking of my alts as others have done in game.  This character was an old one and I have already began playing once more and I would prefer not starting over.     I know many other things might take precedence over this and it may take time, if possible, and that's ok.  I will be grateful for any help.     Thank you!   Drasticmeat
  8. So my Forums Login is a Go   Net7 Login is a Go   Logging into the game whilst running .. No Go   I imagine the password for logging into the game is in fact, NOT the same as the Net7 Login information(as I have special characters in my Net7 Logon, but we can't use them in game accounts) .... and, if it is supposed to be, then something about my account is jacked.       I go to reset the "Game Account" password ... but I am unable to do so, as the "email account" is "undefined" .... so I cant receive any way to change my "game account" password ... however, I very clearly have an email account associated to my Forum account, which seems to be now associated to the Net7 logon as well.      The game has changed quite a bit since I last was playing and testing/donating to it's future ... so I imagine somethings going to be tricky to fix since all these changes have occurred since my last visit ...   I'll be waiting for feedback and possible answers ...  
  9. Thats frikin awesome then! Thorvald
  10. And the one idea from Sylla is Awsome too .... that works just as well! Stacking, stacks of ammo would be uber! Thorvald
  11. Have you ever played an ammo using class? TE's for example have 35 cargo slots(at lvl 135). Between items I use to swap out for activated buffs, and ammo, I will used at the moment atleast half that cargo space alone. 5 slots used for items for those buffs. At the least, 3 stacks of Bile ML ammo(1 per ML), 2 Stacks of Caster ammo(could maybe make this 1 stack for 1ML), as I said once before and to be sure I have enough Z3 ammo to last the same ammount of time as those few stacks for the other ML's, I need 9 stacks(all this for about 2 hours of solid hunting). So, 19 cargo slots for ammo and items out the door. The reason I joined this argument was because the ammo stacks for the Bile ML and Caster are GREAT examples of what they should all be for lvl 9 ML's. The ammo stacks should scale with ML, not ammo lvl. I should not have to use 9 to 12 cargo slots to keep my single LVL 9, Z3 ML loaded with ammo so that it keeps pace with my other launchers. There should be a set standard on ammo stack sizes. As it stands the whole reason they get bigger is for the simple reason mobs get harder to kill even in relation to more dmg output by the weapons. As for cost relation. LvL 7 Z3 stack of ammo uses 4 components, lvl 8 may use 5 and 9 use 6 ... just add components to the build list. I loose vault space in the process, but that would be the cost/vaule of having a larger ammo stack. This would also if anything keep the economy balanced as it would yet increase ammo costs for the inflated stack size. The bottom line is not about gathering loot, but staying in the field of combat longer before needed trips to go build more ammo which happens more often than one might expect. When I'm being real picky about what stuff I want to keep its not always a problem with running out of space, but it does mean leaving behind lots of stuff to rot, or floating in space. As this is quite simple, more cargo slots open at the begining does mean staying out longer. Either a) I'm out of ammo or b)Im out of space for loot. I'd rather have a full cargo of items and then be out of ammo, then half my cargo full of loot, and a lot of ammo still in the way. And this is all subject to what drops from the mobs. Some days are poor, and you can go through a ton of ammo without getting much, and some times, its the opposite. This argument is also really directed towards the TS and PS classes that can not make ammo... its 100x worse for them as they have to use valuable vault space to store ammo that should instead be used for holding raw components for making components. And you cant really get away with kiting really high lvl mobs as a lowbie ... you get to many 0's for dmg ... I guess as a JE, you dont try attacking anything to much higher lvl than you, so you may not see that. Its so impractical to go more than 8 lvls higher than your CL that you waste a great deal of ammo doing it. The return is also not worth the effort. This is about convienence. Nothing more. In some cases, such as the PS and TS, its much more. Or with certain ammo types, as the Zet ML, where its small stacks with harsh player made ammo component requirements, but otherwise, its about how much time is spent running back for more ammo. With Riia's post however, I'll not think about this again until live and then we may be able to slip in some adjustments at that point of the games development. Thorvald
  12. Dang it! I'm partly wrong ... There is the bullywere eye, which I think is Warrior only Jenqui Restricted(so only works for 2 of 9 classes, that is lvl 8 and debuffs plasma .... So, once that is back in game officaly, then there is atleast for the Terran/Projen Warriors, an alternative to the Rada at the higher end. Thorvald
  13. Not to sound rude, but your argument is a bit flawed. When I roll out, I roll with 1 stack of ammo for each Bile ML and the Wrath(800 per stack) as for those ML's that will last me 3 hours to 4 hours. I take with me 2 or 3 stacks for the Black Caster(1200 per stack) but she fires like ever 2.2 seconds(w/turbo weapons), 2 rounds, so she can eat it up but 2 stcaks tends to last 3 hours. This is a great deal due to large ammo stacks.... only 5 or maybe 6 cargo slots needed to be used. It leaves my cargo mostly empty for loot. Now, my 5th ML is my precious Z3. Her stacks come in 200's. I have to stack around 8 of that to last me the same time as less than half the stacks for the others, and its only ONE ML. She fires quick, and it's 2 rounds per shot. LvL 7 ammo should stack arond 450 instead of 200 so that it would be more on par. And this change should reflect upon all ammo lvl ranges really. LVL 9 Zets for example. 250 per stack, on a lvl 9 ML? Bad juu juu here. Even more so because all 3 components are player made... but, Im' getting a bit off subject. This same story goes for PL's as well. Larger stacks there as well please. Some examples: Claimjumpers Reward 600 per stack(lvl 7)/Retort and Smugglers Recorse 700 per stack(lvl 8)/Bile ML's 800 per stack(lvl 9) These are GREAT examples of an awesome load out. And as the OP was saying, the Rage, which is a special ML, especially that one should have a large stack of ammo. As it stands, the rare/very uncommon weapons in game have very nice stacks of ammo to go with them. I would still be nice to see some adjustment, even if not much, to standard ammo stacks. Often enough, I run out of space before I've even used up any ammo stacks, with exception to the Z3, and even then, its not really that fast as to make a differece. Would be much better off if the stacks were just larger from the get go instead of hoping to plan on stacks vanishing over time due to use. Leaving the battle field to go sell items once the cargo is full of good vendor items, is well worth it vs going back with no ammo and a half full cargo of goods. More per stack = less cargo space used orginaly = more loot to be gained and longer hunting peroids before returning to restock ammo(especially if I'm searching for specific items) Thorvald
  14. How to reply some thoughts... Any progen who avoids chem once they can use a lvl 8 Basilisk is quite foolish. -57 Deflect from a 200% LVL 8 Basilisk is awesome!! Furthermore ... that deflect is relative to the same dmg being done by plasma+rada combo for Terrans, which I remind you is the ONLY combo debuff that Terrans have when they are alone, and then this combo for progens has an extreme advantage vs. any mob with a Hull. Only the Terran Scout can use the device out there that debuffs Explosive, so for one terran there is some hope because from the sound of this post if people have their ways and ravage the only device Terrans have for a dmg type advantage then TT/TE's are going to be pretty screwed. It worked great except when doing CL65/66 mobs, and in this case, that’s what a RAID was for... you had multiple classes around so that you don’t have to worry about someone having a lvl 8/9 chimera or basilisk to debuff dmg types or maybe a TT willing to carry the high end weaken energy beam device to hook up the Jenqu i(can’t recall the name of this device). Hell, as a Terran, if I could use the Basilisk device, I'd load out full Chem and go to town myself just to see how it does! Mobs with resistances? Why do it ... unless that said mob is necessary for a mission or some item desired to map, nobody would kill it. Adding resists randomly really won’t solve the problem, only add a dead spot in the game hardly anyone visits unless they have to for some requirement. Some mobs like the afore mentioned manes, have immunities as is which is almost restricted to higher end Manes. But for the Jenqui, with their awesome Chimera devices and an easy swap out of plasma beams can easily overcome this obstacle. If range is an issue, then by all means, higher end devices should have range advantages, or like someone said, at least be 2.5k like the Rada. BUT ... keep in mind, the Rada was made by the Chavez with the 2.5k range for a Reason ... because even as the device says, it’s for striping away the plasma resistance to make their Ogun Plasma missiles more effective ... so, it has that range due to game story background and the fact that Chavez use missiles, so they don’t want to get closer than they have to. The item was put in there for a reason some very long time ago to give Terrans(TT/TE) something that actually does debuff that they can use. Otherwise the TT/TE have nothing except for a very similar lvl Taniwah's Pride(lvl5), which would run into the same problem as described before by another poster and again below in my post. Now, if mobs gain a resistance to lower end devices again as it was in live, that’s fine, and makes some since, but mind you ... normal mobs lvl 60 and below were still almost always debuffed on the first pass with a Rada ... it was named/higher end 60+ that started to become a pain in the butt, but it never took more than 2 or 3 tries unless it was a boss 66, in which case, there is the wonderful Jenqui's handy Chimera at a raid to deal with that. Tenkaris brought this up, but I don’t ever recall it being so bad even with the Master to take 9 tries to get the Rada to debuff. Normally it was 3 or 4 at most, and if you really did have to do it 9 times, then man that’s some horrid luck. As for Bowlingballhead comment about "the rada wasn’t going to work anyway(during high lvl encounters I'm assuming)" wasn’t real either ... I kept it loaded up all time until I got a Dung ML's that did the plasma debuff for me ... Furthermore, that ML was added later with the already existing Hellbore for the specific reason of giving the TT/TE something that would debuff Plasma effectively at the higher ends because of the Rada's problem with resists on higher end boss mobs. And even with these ML's, I kept the rada handy. It does -7 more deflect than either one, so unless I was fighting something I couldn’t get close to, I would swoop in, debuff and back out. In the end ... everyone’s going to use Chem or Plasma for an advantage on either hull or shields. Impact/Energy/Explosive all 3 have no advantage but slightly more dmg under normal circumstances VS Hull or Shields?(maybe? been useing plasma so long ... need to use some explosive to see what I dont remember), so why would anyone use them? Nobody will unless of course, the said mob is immune to Chem and Plasma both, then naturally, everyone would turn to the other 3 dmg types. Removing or making the Rada useless vs. high end mobs only screws over 2 classes completely without some high end ML solution ... the TT and TE. TS could fall back on explosive with that explorer only debuff device that’s out there which the name I can’t recall. Having this option for the TE/TT saves a lot on ammo ... a whole lot. Yet again, losing the rada option would make going back for ammo much more frequent than it is already. There are a lot of dynamics that has to be considered when bad mouthing the debuff devices. Mobs may be built in a manner that you need to play smart and use debuff devices to kill them at a proper rate for example. Saving on ammo for Projens and Terrans. Making sure each class has an option to use chem or plasma, which are the two advantageous dmg types in game. Makes me want to just give thanks and praise to the devs. It’s a great deal of stuff that has to be considered, and Riia quoted Moche which did just about say things as they are. We have to still wait for more to come and the game to be more like live before we can really access things. This is my opinion anyway. Rada gives the TT/TE/TS an advantage to maintain a fight in the DPS curve. Truth be told, take it away or make it usless at high end game and we fall way behind or very dependent on others which is not a big deal during fleet events, but terrilbe for our day to day item hunt, money making, or general combat to gain xp. Thorvald Yes, I am a TE in game, and the thought of losing my Rada completely makes me shudder (even more so as the Dung ML's are not in game at the moment, which brings us back to the game not being near live state yet), so damn strait I plan to do my part to keep it useful if at all possible, even if I have to, later on, deal with some resistances by mobs to be debuffed. Dont change what is, but instead, make some other stuff a little bit better to attaine balance!
  15. "It makes sense to not have build weps on the scout" quoted from Zethro ... Zeth, let me know if you are making this statment on the sole basis that all explorers don't have build weapons as it stands with current game version? Other than that simple fact, which is not that big of a deal to change I'd think, what other reasons might you have if any? As I really am curious if you had some other reason that I may not be thinking about... To be honest, this is not the forums for the PS, but I think both the TS and PS should have build weapons ... how can you have a RACE in game bent upon useing a weapon system that requires ammo, and yet, a whole class in that race cant build the ammo ... OR .... here we go, I got it!! .... Build Ammo Skill .... why not? This would rock too ... Thorvald
  16. Let me toss this in as well.... part of my argument continued... The other advantage for the scout having critical targeting is less ammo usage, which I may have mentioned before. So, getting it Via directly from the skill itself, or from Rally, which is fair, as that is replacing a worthless combat skill with one that has merit, allows the TS to pack less ammo for when I take him to harvest. The more space I have in my vault the better, and if I have to pack a CRAP ton of ammo, more so due to the fact that my vault if FULL of the stuff as well because I cant make it ... another annoying fact, then yes, I'm going to fight all I can to do whatever I can to use less ammo, to kill mobs, and in turn take up less vault space along with cargo space since I wont have to store as much. Yet another reason Crit tageting or Rally would be great skills for the TS. Over all class improvment. IF ... IF now, the TS is more of a trader like you say, then Give me Build Weapons ... as the only Exlorer class to have that then, which would give the TS something that sets them apart from the other two exploer classes ... it would kill one of my larger arguments for getting Rally or Critical Targeting ... This does not solve the "add to group" problem, but does help solve the ammo issue for a class that is built to harvest... In the end, I'm glad we are tossing ideas around ... this forum was rather quiet, and I wanted to get some ideas rolling, even ones I might not agree with ... we all have opinions, and opinions are like bung wholes ... some smell worse than others Thorvald
  17. While I appreicate your argument Terrell, I have to disagree as well. The TS has a mix of skills. Ranging from Warrior/Explore/Trade ... which most every class does in one way or another. Its the degree to which those skills work that makes them more profiecent. The only thing that really makes the Scout an "explorer" is the abilbity to "mine roids" for base build components. Thats what the three exploer classes have to have in common. I see nothing wrong with having the scout class more combat oriented. But thats me, in the end, its up the the Devs to make choices, I just make suggestions as food for thought Terrans while not as much as Projens, are very Agressive, with a large peace keeping fleet, and a very agrresive set of coporations, such as infi corp. We dont have the "peace of mind" attitude Jenquie do towards life. So from a role playing point of veiw, we can justify the Scout being a touch more combat such as the PS via adding critical targeting. With that said ... I see Hacking(useless) also being traded out for a Max lvl 5 Rally as well if the developers felt critical targeting was to much. That is if they agreed with you. That would keep TE's Rally well over the Scouts and give the scout a combat skill worthy of useing while they are mining alone and could use the extra umpf for fighting off mobs that attack. It still does not serve the over all purpose of this post, which is to add to the TS so that they add something more to the group, but it does give the TS a skill worthy of using to assist in a primary goal, which is to mine. I still like critical targeting more, but thats just me again wishing for the best. Thorvald
  18. Trading out Hacking which is mostly worthless for something that would allow the Scout to bring more to the group such as critical targeting, would add a bit more dmg and would be a great move for the class. A class that cant build ammo as it is, and an ability to kill faster to use less ammo is awsome, which is one real nice point about the PS. And why not ... scouts are typicaly advanced fighters, such as First Recon, so there is no reason to not rationalize the change of skills. Already dealing with lvl 8 shields is a hard blow, adding an extra touch to dps would be keen. *edit* Oh ya, and they are called "Elite Rangers" after all Just a thought to chew on. Scouts are more combat sounding than Explorer, somewhat like a Sentinal. I think scout, I think front line combat, being that I am military in real life. Damn it'd be great if this did happen! Thorvald
  19. To make a long story short ... My old install of Vista 64 was making me angry, to say the least, and I started to do re-install it ... then, I said, bah to Vista and bought Win7 64 and installed that instead. So far I've not had my original problem ... so, while I dont like to condone a re-install of the OS as a solution to my problem, it sadly seems to have been a fix so far. I'll be in touch however if it happens to pop back up again. Thorvald
  20. Sure, I downloaded it recently and will install/setup ... if you have normal times you are around, I'll find you, or set up a time to meet and duscuss. Thorvald
  21. After reading some comments, I read something, and I think I inturrpreted it correctly. 100% engines have the current known warp speeds at 50% of what they are now and 200% engines have them at the current 100% .... thats a cool idea too ... I also read how Jenpies can get their Sigs so low using the known Merc/Halley/Trifid line of engines ... Thats only them. I toss on an engine thats not made by the Jenpies and my sig goes through the roof as a TE. Upwards of 10k ... even with a proper deivce to lower it and max rally, it still remains around 6k or so ... If I choose to be a shooting star, then I end up with any mob withing 15k attacking me, or I limit myself to the Trifid to get my signature to a reasonalbe lvl around 1.5k or so. I still feel reductions in signature of 200% engines could make for some good incentive to reach out and make use of other engines in game. Again, the idea of adding/changing up buffs on engines to make some more desierable is aslo a grand idea. One problem I do know is that there are good few "awsome" engines that are out the for lvl 9 that cant even be manufactured ... so, that again makes building engines around that lvl pointless. As everyone will just seek to attain that engine and we all end up running the same set ups on our ships, and thats boring. Variation is always sweet in the end game. Whats the piont of having 10 lvl 9 engines if everyones going to use 3 and never use the others ... its like a waste of time even developing the other 7. The overall idea when I started this post was to find a way to place more vaule in engines across the board from ones used for combat, and ones used primarly for speed... I started with warp speed, because many engines are only used for that simple fact, and can be vendor bought and no need of a builder is ever needed. That bothered me so I wanted to try changing that up so building engines and seeking engine builders could be increased. There is always a NEED to get better weapons ... always a need to get better shields ... always a need to upgrade that reactor for more power ... and there are a vatriety of buffs used in these items that can sway someone to use some setup over another. With engines, a great many folks can over look it as before mentioned at some rather low engine lvls, and for the most part its a personal choice to use higher end ones. In the end, it would be nice to see people think about engines in the same manner that they think about the other base components of our ships. As a Need, and not an afterthought. Granted, for most, combat engines are thought of as a need, but with very limited choices, so there's not much to think on. In conclusion. I dont want the devs to rewrite engines in game. So something simple like the 200% quality should = current warp speed on engines could be awsome in addtion to current engine changes. Maybe some buff tweeking along the way as been talked about by others and possible sig reduction for 200% engines as well... Ideas should be expressed and crtizied. I appreciate whats been said so far and look foward to reading more and maybe seeing what more the Devs think on the subject. In truth, if nothing will ever change with engines, then thats good to know as well, because then I will try to move on and think of other ideas that may improve game play. Thorvald
  22. I appreicate the efforts being made. I just know lots of other people have this problem as well, so any data I can gather to help find out what exactly it is that causes it and eliminate it, then I'll get and post it. Helping however I can. Thorvald
  23. You didnt need to post, I found your adivce before I posted and none of this fixxed the problem I'm describing and thats why I posted. Believe me, I scour these boards all the time learning what I can. Thanks for trying, even if the 10th time, but no good. Thorvald
  24. I'll check into "unhackme" and see what I come up with ... further more ... This is the list of process after the crash ... this time however, I got locked up at the loading screen ... wish I would have screen shot the EXE during that too ... its like I stopped communicating with the server or something ... my bad for not saving it ... but, I didnt see any client.exe or anything related to Net7 in that list. Heck ... maybe I do have some port virus that Norton's not catching ... we'll see if I can find and run Unhackme. Quick question ... 500k max attachments? so ... once I hit that, which I am very close now ... will I have to go back to old posts and delete old attachments?
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