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  1. I am soo liking these ideas! Someone make is so
  2. I agreed also that it shouldnt been said ... But I work in the IT field as a IT support/system specialist. I am trained to find the root of the problem and find out why this happened in the 1st place before just saying well it broken and fix it. Thats why the rest of teh chat is needed. (agreeing with Ranko)
  3. Is there anything in the works for the database to be in a Blackberry/Droid App form?
  4. try using this notifier program to verify that the server is up or not https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/1354-enb-notifier-program/ Good luck and I will see you in game.
  5. The server is down at the moment and has been down since this morning. So it may not be you
  6. See these screenshot stuff proves nothing because you dont get the whole story. where are the chats from before the curse? I been playing this game for several months and only making a observation here but ... why is Magoo the center of every drama on the server? I see a pattern forming here people. I also may add I have never had a problem with magoo just making a observation once again. what we need to do is find the source of these problems the community have been having lately, find a solution and move forward as adults. Not to point fingers and Ban. Please provide more info and screenshots. Thank you
  7. Well upping the timer would be a good idea but at the cost of server stablity I am not really sure. As it sits the Timer is 3minutes 30second (roughly) and then popping 1 minute to 1 minute 30 second after that. I have ran a few guild runs in the BOWL from time to time and the way I see it if you cant loot a corpse in 3minute 30second what makes you think your going to loot it in another minute before it pops. So open loot is all fair game. Every Raid I run I tell the lowbee ... dont do anything But loot and Run when I tell ya (and with Apoc Behind me that doesn't happen to that often LOL). Maybe upping the timer slightly to 5minutes locked and 2 minutes free wouldnt be that bad. BTW and not accuse anyone of crying about loot (knowing that Jam just place a suggestion to change the timer not to flame the looter) ... but being such a small group of people, there is alot to go around, you have to look at it this way. Is the juice worth the squeeze?
  8. Well its good to know it isn't me .... I will try what you said out Thanks
  9. Now that it loads it has a username already inputed (blasti99) and when i plug in my info it tells me to contact EA account management Its seems not to be point to the correct location .. any suggestions?
  10. I jump the Gun .. did a full uninstall, re-install and it worked fine. Just thought it may be a bit more then just that Thanks
  11. I have installed the game fully and all the updates re-installed it again for a double check) but when I load the game it gets to the opening movie then when you hit spacebar to skip it, it crashes to desktop, The funny think is that the command screen is still running Please help
  12. I Know that this shield is in-game but I heard that this was an optional mission reward. Does anyone know more information on getting the print for this item.
  13. Chain

    Black Spitter

    I run two account on two seperate machines ... one account on my 1st PC would not log-in because I had the spitter samples in my hold but if I log on that same account with the 2nd PC I can log in and dump the samples. FYI Ammo Manufact cost = 890k a stack BTW
  14. sorry to hear ... hang in there you will get in at some point to enjoy. you waited several years whats a few hours
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