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  1. Aragorn: ok, good advice. I invested heavily in scan skill and scan items so I should be ok... Merlin: thnx I found the list! Tienbau: ok I only been playing for 4 weeks or so but now I know. I never mined in my life, not even in Live. So.. kinda of a newbie here Thnx for the info. /me goes back to exploring!
  2. This is awesome info folks! Stor: good sector for the Apollo, thnx Whitelighter: bile-parts are also very very hard for us to get, I'm the only level 150 player in our guild Some people donated the ammo-parts to me, (thnx for that, EnB community is the best!), but I we would really like to be self-sufficient (err .. spelling?) so I;m gonna stick to the Archos-FotM-Ballista Cdel, gonna try that nav out when my coffee is ready Jarod, I agree with with you but I dont want to get involved into guild politics. I;m here for pleasure not a re-enactment of my real life job I stay away from big guilds as far as possible Okay, lemme get back to my mining business. Laterzz
  3. I have lots of problems mining the ores I need for my 150PW. I use the Raw Flawless Ruby (RFR), Stygian Blackwater (SB), Apollonite (Ap) and Discordite (Di) to make my components to make my ammo. During weekdays I spend all my time to find the ores. I used Merlin's list to find mining spots, I have found a few but the ores I really need are almost non-present. My biggest problem is that (high levels big guild) players come in, zap out the ores they need then leave me with a field full of 'leftovers'. Many times I find myself cleaning out the fields in hope of a respawn but alas, by the time I cleared a field I have to go to bed again. After 2 weeks of mining with my (very small) guild we have about 200 SB (this one isn't really a problem), about 120 Di but the Ap and RFR are getting cherrypicked so badly it's almost impossible to find. We have about 20-25 of those. I'm gonna use my Pw this weekend, but with my 6 Archos I think I will have used all the ammoparts in eehh.. 2 hours or so? My question is: does anyone know spots that are very evry rich in the ores I need? And second: is there anything to be done against all the cherrypicking? It's very hard to compete against the big guilds (we have a 7-people guild), and the prices on Market are like 5 million for 1 stack, so 20 million just for a complete set. That is, IF anyone offers it. Can anyone help us to some good spots? I found a liiiiittle bit of Ap in Fenris, Nav Point Derelict in the level 8 crystals. I found some Disco in Glory's Orbit, near Crystal View and Gahaarns Rock. I found enough SB in Aragoth Prime, Aragoth Resource field 1 and 2. But the RFR.. and Ap .. almost nothing. Help!
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