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  1. Hi All, I trust everyone is surviving the pandemic through the medium of EnB😂. i am trying to do the RD Base Raid and having a few challenges. Would be very grateful for detailed top tips on group composition, tips to break up guard groups, do and don’t’s, buffs etc please. Have seen the Forum guide but doesn’t provide enough detail. Have multiple 150’s of every type all with end game content, enough to make two full groups but must be doing something wrong as keep getting stuck at the Cruiser and his guards. Never managed to do it in live and would love to be able say I had done the raid at least once. Thanks in advance
  2. Server status now "Starting" - should be up in 5 mins apparently
  3. Thanks Woodstock, apologies didn’t see earlier messages - you are obviously on the case. Think Portal is down as well.
  4. Same here - can’t connect to global server
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