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  1. Standup comedy is a facination of mine - the internet is fantastic for finding golden performances. I especially liked Bill Hicks. Who do you like ?
  2. Ritzman

    Net 7 Wiki.

      Hehe, which was it wine or whiskey ;)
  3. Ritzman

    Net 7 Wiki.

    Is there a link to the wiki ?
  4. Hi, just a couple of questions..   Are the guilds here active, like running group events and things ? Are there any benefits to joining guilds, like shared resources etc. ?   and are there any timezone specific guilds - it's no fun being the only one online, I am in the UK.
  5. Traditional English: Eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, fried bread, tomatoes and black pudding. With HP Brown Sauce of course :D
  6. I never played Earth and Beyond before.   I can't use my gaming comp atm so I have to use my laptop which is not very powerful :( Been playing Path of Exiles and Hell Gate London - other free online games. I found EnB just trawling around, it feels and plays awesome - I used to play a lot of Elite in the way back machine :D   p.s. I can't seem to vote in the pole..
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