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  1. Thanks fore the fast respond. Now i get the following I have seen that some one downloaded the patch file on the download page, went there to download it and got: Error 404 - Not found Your browser can't find the document corresponding to the URL you typed in. Second Atampt did get me the file, Downloading now. Downloading the patch did not solf the problem.. Still the error that the authlogin.dll is not good Solfd The problem and are in the game Thanks fore the help. Best regards Garguza P.S. I cant mark the topic as solved :S
  2. Good day to you all. I am new to the game, and installed the client and the second program. But when i start the game i get that the launcher cant connect to the patch server. I have tested all 3 up addresses and also disabled my firewall fore a sec to test if that is the problem Is it some thing i forget? Best Regards Garguza
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