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  1. Hi welcome Back most of every thing done is on the lancher Winxp PW=)
  2. Hi all Great work Teams well PW combat Trabce is not c0ming on part of the time even at a full stop or gating need to nuge the dhip forward to get it to come on and the skull shiled should pop on when you first log on when the game says shields installed as of now we need to manuly switch the shield tp show thst its on its stays on thu the game after that Winxp and still great job Teams and every one--)
  3. [quote name='Load' timestamp='1302375076' post='38651'] Hello all, it has been some time since I posted here. Have had some major RL issues that are just now getting put together again. Do not know if anyone on remembers me WarGamer. But I hope to be able to get into the game again, Hope to see you there GW/Wargamer AKA Load [/quote] Hi Ya I do Remeber seeing ya in Chat Big WB I hope u just keep climbing up in RL--) Winxp(s)and iam from Galleoo as well --)
  4. [quote name='PineSol' timestamp='1302037162' post='38300'] Hello everyone. I just registered and I'm currently downloading the game Just wanted to say hello, and I look forward to flying with you guys. [/quote] Hi Welcome Back old Winxp from Galloo runing win-7 tho noe Hehe
  5. Thx Nice Prg Big C abd thx for allyour hard work Winxp
  6. Man Heurry Back Its Growing andRocken Its Bigger Better and WOW Trade-OO Wibxp--)
  7. WB good to see a Live ENBer again

    Winxp iam a PW --)

  8. Hi Kenu Hey how about 1 day of a god mode and a stanta chase would be fun and PLZ at some Point rase the skill ponts ater L150 its crazy 1 point at a time it was crazy in Live as well Oh have a safe and Great T-Day as well From Winxp --)
  9. First off Big Thanx to C Del and all the Great Dev teams and GMs Betas all of you ROCK but carefull on adding to much to the Lancher dont what to Fat and Slow adds can be put EB site maybe need to find Optamizers for the eb for the Game there was some out there when Live was runing Ive looked no luck as og yet See all ingame WINXP--)
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