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  1. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack.  Thanks for the coords.
  2. I've completed this mission twice now with different characters.   The reward for There's Snow Christmas ! is now a snowball launcher and 300,000 credits. 
  3. I would suggest not sending private messages to members and making accusations when they respectively don't agree with your suggestions in a public forum.  I only stated my agreement with another member of the forum and gave my opinion.  My donation had nothing to do with the incident in question.  Please do not harass members, especially for making donations.  Donations keep this service running.   I want to do my part and support the community.  
  4.   Maybe this is the root of the problem.  Should items from raids have value when sold to vendors?
  5. I feel like the fairest way to divide loot is to roll for the item and the highest roll wins.    Having more credits than someone else should not be a factor in who gets loot.  Anyone that participates in the raid should have an equal chance at getting the item.
  6. I agree unless there is a buyback feature then I would not want this feature implemented.  The risk of selling something valuable outweighs the reward from the small convenience that this feature would bring to the game.
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