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  1. Same observation like Knight. Much more pop's. There are really 'colorfull' roids which I can see in 100% cases. But sometime rock looks like normal rock and BOOOM (I swear I have good monitor and I'm not blind).   My feeling is something changed in % poprock and even with roid 'visual'.
  2. Well my post is about something else. Point is about whining when DEV post here pure whining post, attacking all (possible) players who try to discust changes in game like whiners, cheaters, booters. Threatening me in game about special nerf only for my character (without smiles). And about 'magic' sentence "game is free take or leave". In other words - we (players) can only shut-up because we (players) are here only for donations (not my words, this is too from DEV from game). Do you need read anything else? I don't think so.   And about device? This isn't problem because this nerf (adjustment :blink: ) touch ALL in same size. Mission is long and 'hard', but all who have it already done wil sufer in same size.   In other side, you can't compare this device with ore guardians and with combat missions (well now I'm whinner :ph34r: ), because players who already have EL50 or CL50, no more need these things. They have 'their' in house. From this will suffer only new players.And this is IMO wrong.   And solution? Take guardians out and take care about unintended macroers (if any about im doubt..) Let choose players from combat missions - one with XP second with money.   Simple solution, no drama need..
  3. No, because for you - all posts against changes are nonconstructive. And sugestions? I saw a lot of sugestions, but nobody cares - see your quote from game: "changes are permanent, live with them or leave"
  4. Zackman Well, you ask whiners to stop whine and YOU doing EXACTLY the same thing...   Beacause from your POV, everyone who say ANYHING agains changes in game is whiner, lazy player, cheater and/or macroer.   I'm not satisfied with changes in game (ie: new playes have everything harder than today L150 which have almost all in house and on 'silver plate', same with miners vs guardians.)  but I'm NOT anything from you wrote above and I ask you don't put  this mark on me.   I know this game is FREE, but this not the same like players can't complain anything.   And btw: You write nobody thank you for a milion of fixes - this is simple LIE. Everyone can see every day  "thank you" directed to devs/gm's ... in game, at forum in posts.
  5.   Well, personaly I like this idea from begining. Nothing agains new sectors, new classes, new missions. But rest what is already in live have to be set at same condition. This is just my wish...
  6. Well I was try to ask in game what will be nerfed next. Only response I got from developer they threatened me with personal nerf of my warp speed (without smiles). I think best way for players (if they want stay in game without problem from developer side) is SHUT UP and dont comment anything.   So this is probably my last post about anythink what can "angry" developers. Hope all they are happy now nobody try to touch 'their' toy. :(
  7. Ok, now if all miners was forced to be in group with fighter player...what about every player who want kill mobs have to be grouped with at least one miner? I mean you cant solo kill mobs.   Same logic...
  8. to many guards in Glenn :blink:
  9. THANK YOU. Please try to solve booters at first place before ruin game for others (I mean at least me)
  10. Well, thank you for informations.   I hope, there are more PP who read forum and can reply anything about PP "know-how" :)
  11. I'm not interested in Agrippa and my plan is to be fighter(+healer).
  12. Hello,   One of my new character is PP. I try to find out what skills are good for points investmens. Even which skills isn't good enough. Same with equipment for mid-lvl character (weap/dev/eng/react/shield at lvl 4-6).   Read almost everything here at forum. I don't know these informations are valid or outdated. Can you anyone help me with my questions please?   As I told, I'm looking for skills sugestions, equpments for skills lvl4+ and any kind of valuable advices.   Thank you for your time :)
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