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  1. The only time I experienced lag was once (yesterday I think) in Akeron's Gate -- in a gas cloud.
  2. I killed about 15 ten-gu and had 4-6 other on top of me when the client froze.
  3. Client fails to load after the last update. After clicking the launch button a proxy entry shows up in task manager but the client fails to load.
  4. Took a break and came back to a frozen client. Tried to exit with menu to load the proxy update but had to terminate from task bar.
  5. Cipher: Edited to remove attachment.
  6. It's only happened a couple of times in the PTR but it happens at least several times a day on the live server.
  7. Client up about half an hour. https://mega.nz/#!G5YUHIIT!VFKyb-igYFiLwCoYggxpDJvDfS1Cb8G916200NKPlLU
  8. Client was up about an hour. https://mega.nz/#!X5Qx2QhR!OUYwEbohlW2ZkPYUR_cwMmeKjWo9QNQOo2lpSDAlhr8
  9. https://mega.nz/#!uowXmQDQ!oP79stAZR5uNy7loborVPlOFYR2j4hjq2sIGxqr9Zss
  10. Character selection to login froze at galaxy map. Update: Same thing on second attempt. Maybe the server is just down? Proxy client icon says "waiting for server."
  11. Cipher: Edited to remove attachment.
  12. Client was up for about an hour. Gating from Glenn too Sirius.
  13. And now it seems it works.
  14. Game client crashes every time I log in. Immediately after login.
  15. I'll help if you still need it.
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