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  1. Some of the beams should be adjusted. The Black Razer is an energy beam but its animation looks like a plasma beam. The Red Dragon Fly ammo looks like a Dragon Spit but in live it looked like the Smiter. Chisum
  2. I noticed the animation for all of the ammo is not yet implemented. I was wondering is this is being worked on? Chisum
  3. FYI The new DB does work with the Google Chrome browser.
  4. I did the TT lvl 30 HU mission today, everything worked fine except I did not get the HU at the end of the mission.
  5. This site is gone http://ebiia.net/Stations.shtml Akela Edit: Actually, it is still there - just not all the side bar links work (all under in-depth info) as they point to ea sites.
  6. I remember in live this was one of the fastest ways to get RD faction. Chisum
  7. The world is round but some people say it's flat.
  8. Akela

    Shield Leech

    Sounds to me like you are saying the wisest thing for a JE to do is not put points into shield leech. Again I agree, now the question is what do we do about it? I think my suggestion of swapping the JW energy leech skill with the JE shield leech skill is a very doable and wise modification. Energy leech is more in line with the JE skills as shield leech is more in line with JW skills. Big difference between and TT and JE like apples and oranges really. TT has 2 repair skills that counter mob aggro where as the JE can jump start himself after he unwisely uses shield leech. Akela
  9. Akela

    Shield Leech

    You say a JE should not use group shield leech in most situations and I agree. The question then becomes why does the JE have it if he can't use it? The skill is to overpowered for the JE class and hull. I play my JW and JE in tandem so they are both OL97. The JW has CL of 26 the JE 24, JW 4 LV5 beams with L4 or 5 Crit. JE 1 LV5 and 1 LV4 beam as of last night. Both have combat cloak with the same shield and engines. I've played this game since the original beta so it's not like I don't know how to play a JE. Sure when you are playing solo skills should draw aggro but when in a group unless the group is all JEs the JE should not be able to draw aggro from a warrior with twice the beams and critical targeting. Akela
  10. Akela

    Shield Leech

    JD has energy leech which does not make the mobs aggro and recharges reactors so the reactor recharge is really the same for both shield and energy leech. Giving the JD shield leech and the DPS gain would not hurt or unbalance the warrior classes because like you said over time the TW and PW do more damage where as the JE is not a damage dealing class. Yet my JE with 2 lvl 4 beams can out DPS my JD with 4 lvl 5 beams. Every time I use shield leech the mobs aggro on my JE. This should not happen. If the JE had energy leech he would still be providing the reactor recharge that shield leech does but would not pull aggro. This is more in line with the JEs DPS, hull size, skill set and group bonus. Akela
  11. Akela

    Shield Leech

    The question is why does a non combat race have the same ability as the strongest combat race? Giving shield leech to the JD would be more in line with his abilities, giving energy leech to the JE would be more in line with his. Akela
  12. Akela

    Shield Leech

    The point I’m trying to make is a JE with 2 lvl 4 beams should not be able to pull aggro from a JD with 4 lvl 5 beams. Akela
  13. Akela

    Shield Leech

    So you agree with me JE should not have grooup shield leech. Energy leech would be more in line with the JEs expertise, energy conservation. Akela
  14. Akela

    Shield Leech

    I would like to suggest that the JD skill Reactor Leech be switched with the JE skill Shield Leech. I say this because the JE shield Leech skill causes any mob hit with it to agro on the JE. At the highest levels the JE Shield Leech skill hits all mobs in a 3k area. JEs with the weakest shields and hulls should not have a skill that causes multiple mobs to agro on them. Most of the time I have my JE grouped with my JD, both OL95 CL25. When I activate Shield Leech on a mob it will agro on my JE that has 2 level 4 beams and ignore my JD that has 4 level 5 beams. Needless to say this is not good. Akela
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