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  1. I hate to ressurect an old topic, but I've tried talking to all the miners I could see on the station and none will move me forward with the mission, i've given up for now.. Whom am I supposed to talk to?  (all I get is some default chat).
  2. You might want to reduce the patrols round there, they tend to kill the adults too quick. I've been trying to kill them and the patrols seem to swoop in and kill-steal from me.
  3. There is no doubt something is happening, I'll get more traces going - it seems to look like the client just gives up and doesn't transmit any more - a bit of speculation on my part given the logs, but we'll see. When I say gives up, more like doesn't get a response, times out and then sits there.
  4. it seems when the server gets above 40% full the lag increases incredibly.  A relog seems to clear it temporarily, but that might just be down to many people relogging. I was looking at the ping and network stats, in game ping was green and 100 - the network was doing very little (checking with a capture) so I'm not sure as yet if it's client related or server related.
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