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  2. My wife passed away on 3-5-13 was only 37
  3. Wife passed away 3-5-13
  4. Earth and Beyond was my very first MMO. Played live on Pegasus. Had a Grandmaster Explorer level 150 +38 Played here before any stress tests when the emulator would be up for only an hour or two then it be down for for hours lol. Had my toons wiped 2-3 times till emulator went live.
  5. Can't find the torrent link file that Tradermagoo talks about in [b] [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/6404-net7configexe-for-running-custom-resolutions/"]Net7Config.exe For Running Custom Resolutions[/url][/b] Where do I find the download?
  6. verus

    Net7Config.exe For Running Custom Resolutions

    I couldn't find a torrent link file either. Where you get it?