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  1. There seem to be a problem with the deep cycle battery making , part of the zeke mission on the jenquai explorer , contrary to previous comp that where tradable this one is not. is there a work around ?
  2. cheap panel frame drop from abnormal mole in glenn near asteroid gr-x30
  3. Hi, good day to everyone , Would be hard to exclude the TT from a mission making device. The mission is made out of a lot of refined element and of device , The mission is not meant to be a solo endeavor as i see it or explorers only it is a research into bogeril solar technology R&D I disagree that the explorer are being left out , here is my detailed explanation why : two thing that the Jenquai explorer excels at. The reward includes a reactor ( Brilliant Balefire ) and a device ( Carnelian Lodestar ) The PS build device ( Carnelian Lodestar ) and shield ( fiery paragon reward. ) and does refining The Scout also build device ( Carnelian Lodestar ) and also does refining. so The Scout seem to be the only one of the explorer who get a bit less ( side note : the addition of a level 7 buildable solar sail 8 and 9 engine would be nice , to the printed reward ). At Last check i was part of the top 4 to make it first ( Thanks to an elf help ;-) ) I am also the one who told your guys how to do the last part involving the kernel I kinda wish I had kept my mouth shut if your going to be whinny about content being made differently , by mostly hard working , dedicated and volunteer people for everyone enjoyment ( keep up the really good work guys ) , and is now part of the 6 total player able to make it for the entire server. It is a great mission , I am happy that I was able to complete it and will do it again on other toon as soon as they get into the level/range/skill of doing it Have nice day Moulinneuf / Mouli of Builde's Inc.
  4. Zeke like : 3 X moonshine level 1 3 X Moonshine level 2 3X moonshine level 3 Total = 9
  5. I seem to be the only player that know about it , more loot credit and unique items for me and zero competition ;-)
  6. 5 star roleplaying text , recommanded reading for all.
  7. Wow really nice prologue , this give a nice incentive to read some more. Nice job pakk 
  8. Interesting observation :   in a ** guild ** discussion thread , I got a reply from a content dev ( who are not supposed to participate or have any say in guild discussion ) and from a one player individual without affiliation to any guild ... My fault I missed the mark on that one ...   I guess my post was not properly written to get the answer i am looking for so let me please re-phrase it :   Hi ,   As a Builder Inc self appointed Praetor* and guild ambassador to the new/newer/smaller guilds/futur raider guilds.   I was interested to know if there was a list somewhere of your Guilds leadership and there characters name so as to officially offer help in building up equipment and establish long term relationship with your guilds. Also finding out that you exist, I have come to the conclusion that Builder Inc suffer from a concentration of dealings with only the higher/bigger guilds and does not necessarely know of the existence of many of the less numerous but active guild on the server and may also suffer from a reputation as being unaprochable.   Open divulgation here of your leadership and command line would probably open up competition between major guilds to help you and also offer you better deals , but I undertsand if you want to keep it private , if that is the case just private message me the details you are willing to share.   - Moulinneuf   * Praetor : was a title granted by the government of Ancient Rome to men acting in one of two official capacities: the commander of an army (in the field or, less often, before the army had been mustered); or, an elected magistratus (magistrate), assigned various duties (which varied at different periods in Rome's history).
  9. Hi ,   I was interested to know if there was a list somewhere of the Guilds leadership and there characters name.     - Moulinneuf
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